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10 Websites to Look for Jobs in Nigeria

We all understand what it takes to look for legit jobs in Nigeria. Employment is amongst the problems Nigeria is facing and the there is a need to create job employment opportunities in Nigeria through digital and social platform.

I will be posting here, websites or may i say social platforms or sites we can safely look for Job of your kind and get employed by real employees from around Nigeria. This list will not distinguish what kind of Job or how much you get paid. It is just a listing of top 10 legit websites you can check Jobs and possibly get employed by real companies/industries based on your CV or Resume or how capable you can fit into the jobs list provided.

10 websites you can look for Jobs in Nigeria

1. Google

Google has a reputable name when it comes to list out legit jobs from verified companies within Nigeria and beyond.

Job Update frequency100+ per day
Job Gaurantee5/10
Applicants1M+ per day | Worldwide
Google Job frequency table

You can check the list of Google has been simply typing “Jobs in Abuja” or your desired location. This list of jobs found in the google search page are data from anonymous sources that maybe be valid as stated by their age of publication or post date.

Here is a sample of the Google search page relating to Job listing

Clicking on the Jobs type will expose you to the full page of the job listing. There you can choose which category your career is. Whether it is Computer/IT, Education, Sales, Teacher, e.t.c. there are all there to choose from.

Google job searches in Nigeria

There is no particular website URL to follow when wanting to search for jobs vacancies with Google search, all you have to do is open a new tab and visit google with a short key search like Jobs in Nigeria, Vacancies in Abuja, Programming jobs in Nigeria, Agricultural jobs in Benue, Teaching jobs in Lagos, Sales job vacancies, e.t.c.

Good luck on your quest to landing yourself a good Job. Remember not to rely on a single company, that is, do not put your eggs in one basket. Google does not collect payment to get you a Job. Also shy away from websites/persons that request money to give you jobs.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn remains the most accepted and widely used way to secure yourself a good job, but it didn’t make the first in our list because it covers a less range for job seekers.

Job Update frequency340+ per day
Job Gaurantee8/10
Applicants500K+ per day | Worldwide
Linkedin Job frequency table

The following categories will find job vacancies here easily:

  1. Computer programmers
  2. Computer/IT experts
  3. Cybersecurity experts
  4. Software engineers
  5. Managements
  6. Directors, e.t.c.

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There are many but i will be cutting this short because of time! haha, lol! In essence LinkedIn is sure to secure you are good high paying jobs because people/persons found there are CEO and/or working class which are serious minded.

This is how the home page and tab for jobs looks like in their desktop view:

To be able to find out jobs here at LinkedIn, you must have an active LinkedIn account. To make it simple you can turn on Job alerts at LinkedIn to get notifications of jobs that just landed and this feature is completely free or charge. Thanks to LinkedIn right!! ooh yeah!

On the Jobs pages, you will find an input field to type in what type of Job(s) you are looking for.

3. Facebook

In the facebook portal where jobs are suggested for interested active jobs searchers, it is easy and plain.

Job Update frequency90+ per day
Job Gaurantee4.5/10
Applicants50K+ per day | Worldwide
Facebook Job frequency table

The interesting thing here is Facebook can notify you of nearby jobs upto 1KM, that is, you might be aware of the company or organisation wanting to offer you job.

How to find jobs on Facebook

Here is how to go about the facebook jobs portal to get a job for yourself or skill(s):

Facebook Jobs homepage

Note: You may see job posts in your News Feed,

You can find job posts manually by either of the following:

How to apply for a Job on Facebook:

  1. On the jobs page, Find any Job of your interest, click Apply Now.
  2. Fill in the application (e.g your experience and education).
  3. Click Send.

Your application will be sent as a message to the employer and won’t appear on your profile. Keep in mind that employers can see the public version of your profile.

In Jobs on Facebook, you can search jobs, change your location or select an industry or job type. To receive automatic Job notifications(active jobs available of your selected interest), you will click the Subscribe button in the right column.

Anyone who has the capacity to employ workers can also upload his note knowing job seekers to bid or apply to the jobs posted.

4. myJobmag

myJobmag is a noticed job listers with free and premium users where anyone by default can see job updates from real organisations.

In the facebook portal where jobs are suggested for interested active jobs searchers, it is easy and plain.

Job Update frequency17+ per day
Job Gaurantee5/10
Applicants< 100 per day | Nigeria
myJobmag Job frequency table

Some companies even go to myJobmag to post job ads for public notice, thereby giving myJobmag a better place to kind of rely on for job updates and application. This company covers limited number of locations based on country. Countries that myJobmag currently posts job availability for are Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and South Africa. Hoping in the future there will keep extending till most West africa countries and Africa at large is covered well.

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5. Jobberman

Jobberman has been around on this industry of delivering up-to-date job alerts to its users.

Job Update frequency40+ per day
Job Gaurantee6.5/10
Applicants5K+ per day | Nigeria(Nationwide)
Jobberman Job frequency table

Jobberman is company focused on Listing job vacancies for searchers/job seekers and there are based in NIgeria as their primary location. This company has full support to power an unemployed individual into a full working class person. Why?

Jobberman is always up and running to get updates from verified – when i mean verified i meant it. There collect vacancy from legit companies and get them posted in their database which can be accessed by the public to search, match and apply to the vacancy.

Since the companies are focused/specilized in this fields, visiting their hompage alone, you can continue from there.

Paid users have greater opportunies, which gives them the privilage to create a nice resume, CV at low cost. There try as much as possible to give best matched jobs for their premium customers(paid users).

Others on my list may include:

Smartrecruiters, Jiji, recruitmenttrust, careerslip

6. Smartrecruiters

Smartrecruiters finds itself as one among the best in our listing. It has technology driven mindset to making sure employers gets the right employees and vice versa.

Job Update frequency24+ per day
Job Gaurantee7/10
Applicants<50 per day | Nigeria(Nationwide)
Smartrecruiters Job frequency table

Smartrecruiters have paid memberships which assists job seekers find the right jobs for them and also Companies can use their service to find the job seekers right for their very own business.

Now, you can find jobs from Linkedin, Glassdoor and other jobs listing websites here, becuase smartrecruiters is a job crawler which gathers links to determined and perfect jobs (that they think is right for their users – job seeker).

7. jiji.ng

Jiji.ng is known for its buy and sell service. But this time, they have added features which makes it even more fun, where Job listing is now made available…

Job Update frequency90+ per day
Job Gaurantee2/10
Applicants500+ per day | Nigeria(Nationwide)
Jiji.ng Job frequency table

uhhh, nevertheless, jiji.ng with its loaded features, they lack gaurantee and trust of the job ads posted here. Therefore many research has been made here and we found out how low gauranteed jiji.ng is to giving jobs to job seekers.

This low Job gaurantee ranking from jiji.ng is as a result of its users random or careless missing using this feature to publish fake or less important jobs on their jobs listing portal. One good here about jiji.ng jobs listing portal is they post ads of jobs with their salary range so as to let users seeking for jobs know it before time. Google and Facebook do this as well, where there give employers the space to write along the amount per month or contract base jobs.

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8. recruitmenttrust

Jobberman has been around on this industry of delivering up-to-date job alerts to its users.

Job Update frequency40+ per day
Job Gaurantee5.5/10
Applicants50+ per day | Nigeria(Nationwide)
Recruitmenttrust Job frequency table

They are marked by my radar for further investigation and processing and reviews. Meanwhile there have a beautiful website design and easy navigation just as other popular job listing website and portals.


Careerslip has been making moves in their employment strategies, user management and machine powered marketing processing.

Job Update frequency23+ per day
Job Gaurantee3.5/10
Applicants50+ per day | Nigeria(Nationwide)
Careerslip Job frequency table

The careerslip is owned by a Nigeria job listing company. They are good at what they do, where by users trust them in their listing.

Note: Not all jobs posted here are legit, some are autogenerated from past records as to fill spaces, which makes me give them a low scored Job update frequency and Job gaurantee rate.


The glassdoor job listing website requires you create an account with them before viewing the list or applying for a job on their platform.

Job Update frequency10+ per day
Job Gaurantee6/10
Applicants< 1000 per day | Nigeria(Nationwide)
Glassdoor Job frequency table

Glassdoor has proven security to maintain its users database, privacy and controls. It has infrastrature to find valid matchings and job applications strategies to help job seekers match the right organisation for them.

Why this List of 10 websites

This websites has proven a very large audience in their fan base and have been providing job opportunities for over many years now. There are legit, powered by some kind advanced technology to screen and monitor high profile website career pages and fetch their info as early as possible. In some like Facebook, an Employee can publish a job through their page, seeking that interested individuals will engage and apply the jobs. That has been working except for some minor and less important pages posting fake or low valued Job ads on their career page portal and thereby retrieving informations that may leave the individuals seeking jobs vulnerable to spam and the rest cyber crime activities like frauding, e.t.c.

The best Job listing webistes in Nigeria

The best of them all is not determined as they all have where they are lacking. But recommended on my list are:

  1. LinkedIn – This portal is highly recommended as people who engage themselves here are the business class and there post real jobs or need real workers if you can find them.
  2. Glassdoor – They may not have a good Job gaurantee, but they are good to some extent
  3. Jobberman – You will have to pay to enjoy benefits well here.

Comments and Reviews

Amongst these websites listed, Facebook Inc, LinkedIn and Google LLC has proven some great value to safely and legitimacy in applying for jobs. There are no gaurantee of job acceptance in any of these websites listed here and the websites has no top priority to deliver response as to your application for the job(s) you applied for.

Now, this is Nigeria, there is no harm at TRYING! So it is a wise thing that you give a shot and lucky you can get apporved. Nevertheless if you have one or two websites that post upto date and regular jobs here in Nigeria, please do let us know in the comment section below.


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