Verizon Free iPhone Deals: How to Get a Free iPhone in 2023

With Verizon 5G phones on us package, you too can get a free iPhone 13, iPhone 14. Yes, you get to pay $0 with Verizon 5G phones on us deals. Checkout how to get started with getting your free Verizon iPhones in the US.

Questions like “is the Verizon free phone deals real”? and here is what we have to say about it. Continue reading to find answers and Verizon free iPhone deals available for both new and existing customers.

List of Verizon Free iPhone Offers

On the list Verizon free iPhone offers, Verizon wireless offers
free iPhones from this models of Apple iPhones (with normal and Certified

  1. Apple iPhone 8
  2. Apple iPhone 8 Plus
  3. Apple iPhone SE 2020
  4. Apple iPhone SE (3rd Edition)
  5. Apple iPhone X
  6. Apple iPhone XS
  7. Apple iPhone XR
  8. Apple iPhone XS Max
  9. Apple iPhone 11
  10. Apple iPhone 11 Pro
  11. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
  12. Apple iPhone 12
  13. Apple iPhone 12 Pro
  14. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
  15. Apple iPhone 12 mini
  16. Apple iPhone 13
  17. Apple iPhone 13 mini
  18. Apple iPhone 14 Plus

Verizon Free iPhone SE (3rd GEN)

Free when you purchase a Verizon unlimited plan.
New and existing members can get a new iPhone SE (3rd GEN) for free when you buy any Verizon unlimited plan except for the welcome unlimited plan. That saves you about $429 off and one of the best Verizon deals recorded in 2023. Interestly, no trade-in is required for the free iPhone SE deal.

Verizon Free iPhone 12:

Free with a Verizon unlimited plan
You can save big on the iPhone 12 right now at Verizon. Verizon is offering the phone for free when you open a new line and sign up for any unlimited plan except the Welcome unlimited plan.

Verizon Free iPhone 13

Free Verizon iPhone 13 when you purchase a new line with Verizon with an Unlimited plan.
This offer is limited, it’s the most sorted in the list of Verizon free phone deals. You can get the iPhone 13 free when you open a new line with any Verizon wireless 5G unlimited plan. (This offer excludes the “Welcome” unlimited plan). Also, you’ll get an additional $200 if you switch from a competing carrier. This offer is available online only.

Verizon Free iPhone 13 Mini

Free when you purchase a Verizon Unlimited plan.
For a limited time, you can get the iPhone 13 mini for free. You’ll need to sign up for an unlimited data plan to get this deal.

Frequently Asked Questions on Verizon Free iPhones?

You get to see the top FAQs of Verizon wireless free iPhones from our below listing.

Does Verizon give Free iPhone 13?

Verizon Wireless free iPhone 13 is legit. iPhone 13 free Verizon is offered by Verizon wireless for limit customers both new and existing. Unlike the Verizon free iPhone 14, you can still get iPhone 13 from Verizon online or any Verizon verified office in the US.

Checkout the Verizon free iPhone 13 deal on the official Verizon wireless website.

Questions like “does Verizon free iPhone 13 for existing customers exist?” Yes, Verizon free iPhone 13 for existing customers exists.

How to Get Free iPhone 14 Verizon?

Verizon iPhone 14 free is on a limited offer and might have been out of stock. iPhone 14 series are the most Verizon wireless free iPhone deals so far. Although, you can always check at the Verizon free phones offer store on their website.

There are other offers available accessories to add when obtaining Verizon iPhone 14 like: Verizon free Apple watch, e.t.c.

Can I Get Free iPhone 12 Verizon?

Verizon free iPhone 12 is readily available for new and existing Verizon wireless customers. To get started, checkout the Verizon free phones, on us offers online or visit any verified Verizon outlet in the US for more info.

What are the available iPhone Models in Verizon Free Phone Deals?

Verizon offers lots of iPhones for free, these Verizon free iPhone deal are:

  1. Verizon free iPhone 13 pro
  2. Verizon free iphone 14 pro
  3. Free iPhone 13 Verizon
  4. Verizon iPhone 14 free 
  5. Verizon free iPhone 13 pro max
  6. Verizon free iPhone 8 
  7. Verizon free iPhone 11
  8. Verizon free iPhone SE

Know that Verizon free phone deal is also same as the “buy one get one free iphone verizon” or the “Get free phones, on us”. So asking the questions over and over on Verizon free phones is not recommended.

Conclusion on Free iPhones From Verizon 

Among the Verizon free iPhone deals in 2023 in US, Verizon iPhone 14 is most sort out for. This made Verizon iPhone 14 series unavailable for free phone offers. Although, you can always get an iPhone 12 for free on Verizon.

The Verizon free phone offers is dependent on purchasing any Verizon prepaid unlimited plans (except the Welcome unlimited plan). The Verizon unlimited plan cost from $60 – $100/month depending on lines activated and autopay feature.

The most recommended iPhone in the Verizon free iPhone series is iPhone 13 for Verizon. Make your choice from the Verizon iPhone 13 series and enjoy the great features iPhone and Verizon has packed for their customers.

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