Best Verizon Prepaid Plans 2023 and Discount Offers

Verizon have many prepaid plans allowing customers to stream HD, make calls and text for little dollars. We have made comprehensive list of best Verizon prepaid phone plans for tablet, hotspot, multiple lines and unlimited plans with best prices and features.

Verizon prepaid

Types of Verizon Prepaid Plans

Customers can use the Verizon wireless prepaid plans by:
  1. Verizon prepaid phones: By getting a phone from Verizon or Bring your phone deals
  2. Verizon Data plans: which includes unlimited, data capped or hotspot deals.
The Verizon prepaid phones and data plans have data capped plans and unlimited plans based on your budget. Verizon unlimited plan is usually expensive than the data capped plans and most plans are monthly plans.
You can choose from any of the following prepaid monthly phone plans:
  • $35 Talk and Text.
  • $40 5 GB of high speed data.
  • $50 15 GB of high speed data and unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada.
  • $65 Unlimited high speed data with  talk, text and data to and from Mexico and Canada.

Best Verizon Prepaid Phone Plans

Verizon Prepaid 5GB plan

This plan cost from $25 – $40/month. Loyalty offers inclusive.
The Verizon 5GB plan is the cheapest Verizon prepaid option, which starts at $40 but, over time drops to as low as $25 per month. This option allows for adding other devices to it and also hotspot. First time purchase of this plan cost $40/month, after 4months you start enjoying it at a low cost of $35/month then, after 10 month price drops to $25/month.

Verizon Prepaid 15GB plan

This plan cost from $35 – $50/month. Loyalty offer inclusive.
Verizon prepaid 15GB is most preferred because it offers high data volume with hotspot inclusive and can be shared with other devices. This option starts at $50 but, over time drops to as low as $35 per month. This prepaid plan is ideal for those that want music and videos on the go but still use WiFi where possible. First time purchase for the Verizon 15GB prepaid plan cost $50/month, after 4 months you start enjoying it at a low cost of $40/month then, after 10 month price drops to $35/month.

Verizon Prepaid $50 Unlimited plan

This plan cost from $50 – $65/month but, does not include mobile hotspot.
Verizon prepaid unlimited plan is best for always on data users like social media lovers, streamers and researchers. There are disadvantages to the Verizon $50 unlimited prepaid plans, which include: No hotspot feature for this plan, data throttling and network speed limits if you exceed monthly data capped. First time purchase for this small Verizon unlimited prepaid plan cost $65/month, after 4 months you start enjoying it at a low cost of $55/month then, after 10 month price drops to $50/month.

Verizon Prepaid $60 Unlimited plan

This plan cost from $75 – $60/month.
The $60 Verizon unlimited prepaid plan is best for customers in need of unlimited, uninterrupted network speed or throttling, hotspot feature and data sharing. First time purchase for this small Verizon unlimited prepaid plan cost $75/month, after 4 months you start enjoying it at a low cost of $70/month then, after 10 month price drops to $65/month. This plan offers full access to the Ultra-Wideband 5G network (a separate prioritized network that gives you the best data speeds available on the carrier but, the Ultra-Wideband network isn’t that widely available outside of the major cities just yet, and you’ll be falling back to the standard 5G network where it’s not available).

What is included in Verizon Prepaid plans?

All Verizon prepaid plans included (both phone and unlimited prepaid packages):
  1. 5G Nationwide coverage
  2. Unlimited Talk and Text
  3. Unlimited Text to over 200 international destinations
  4. $5/mo savings when you enroll in Auto pay
  5. Plans $40 and higher are eligible for loyalty discounts

How to Buy a Verizon Prepaid Plan

Ready to connect to Verizon Prepaid? Follow these four simple steps to get connected with no activation fee or credit checks.

Step 1: Select a Device

Buy a new tablet, mobile hotspot or router from us, or you can bring your own.

Step 2: Choose a Data plan

We’ll help you figure out how much data you’ll need for your devices.

Step 3: Pick a payment method

Add a credit, debit or refill card to make monthly payments.
Step 4: Activate your Verizon service
Install your SIM card (if necessary), power on your device, and follow the step-by-step instructions on your screen. You can also activate your device online in My Verizon.

Verizon Customer service prepaid

Should incase of any complaint or enquiries on Verizon prepaid plans and offers, you can contact Verizon customer support for help or informations on how to get started.

Verizon Customer Support phone number

Call: +1 800-922-0204 (Estimated wait time is 1 mins).
Hours of Operation:
8AM-7PM (Mon-Sat)
8AM-5PM (Sun)

Official Verizon contact page

Visit the official Verizon customer support page to chat with a live Verizon customer support term to get more info or resolve any issues with your Verizon prepaid plans.
The Verizon contact us page offers support for Verizon prepaid users for: Verizon prepaid refill, general enquiries, payment bills, Verizon plans and addons, e.t.c.

Conclusion on Verizon Prepaid

How did we get to list those prepaid plans as the best Verizon prepaid plans? We included many factors from, 5G availability, hotspot features, data volume, cost and promotional discounts to save on phone plans.

Verizon Prepaid Plans Features

Verizon prepaid plans make the data allowance the main metrics for you to look at when deciding on the option to pick. That said, there are plenty more features included with these plans that are worth bearing in mind as you make your decisions. For clarity, here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect to get from each prepaid plan, starting with the limited-data options:
  1. Unlimited talk and text
  2. Roaming in Mexico and Canada (except 5GB plan)
  3. Mobile hotspot support
  4. 5G LTE connectivity
  5. Autopay discounts
And, here’s what the Verizon prepaid unlimited plans have to offer:
  • Autopay discounts
  • Unlimited talk, text and data
  • Roaming in Mexico and Canada
  • Slowed speeds during network congestion (DVD quality streaming)
  • Unlimited texting to over 200 other countries
  • 5G LTE connectivity
  • 5G Ultra-Wideband access (on the more expensive plan)

How to Choose Verizon Prepaid Plans

Consider this parameters when choosing a prepaid plans.

1. Prepaid payment Flexibility

Unlike the traditional ‘postpaid’ unlimited data plans, the Verizon prepaid plans don’t require you to be signed up for a lengthy 24-month contract. While you will indeed get the cheapest rates if you stick it out, in general, that means you won’t incur any unwanted bills or barriers should you want to switch up your phone plan down the line.

2. Prepaid plan Affordability

Verizon prepaid plans are generally much cheaper than the carrier’s unlimited data plans despite not having long service contracts. As the name suggests, you’ll also be billed at the beginning of the month with these prepaid plans, as opposed to at the end with the unlimited data plans.

3. Loyalty discounts on Prepaid plans

Verizon prepaid plans offer discounts of up to $15 a month for customers who stick it out with the service for the long run. While offsetting some of that prepaid flexibility, this discount does on the whole make Verizon’s prepaid offerings a lot more competitively priced than they initially seem.

Why avoid Verizon Prepaid?

1. Fewer perks

While lower in price, Verizon prepaid plans don’t offer anywhere near the same kind of creature comforts as the carrier’s unlimited data plans. You won’t, for example, get things like free streaming service subscriptions, or even prioritized data speeds on the 5G network. If those things are really important to you then it could be worth spending more to get the carrier’s more premium service plans.

2. No handset deals

At any one time, the best Verizon deals on the carrier’s service are generally exclusively offered to customers on postpaid unlimited data plans. In a nutshell, that means while you pay more for your plan overall, you’ll generally get access to a ton of effective ways to bag the best Verizon phones for a reduced cost. Trade-in rebates, upgrades, and even buy-one get-one free promotions are common so it’s always worth factoring that into your decision as you could potentially save big on a new flagship. Of course, if you have an unlocked device ready to bring over, then Verizon prepaid plans are probably more bang for the buck.

Overall Verizon Prepaid plan Review

Verizon prepaid plans are flexible and offers discounts for loyal customers. Verizon customer support are great to answer and questions or issues relating to your use of their prepaid plans or deals.
Go for Verizon prepaid phones if you want to save or opt-in for low cost Verizon prepaid plans.

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