Verizon Best International Phone Plans to Choose in 2023

Looking for best phone service for traveling with unlimited data, calling and texting? Verizon has the cheapest international phone plans for Travelers. Checkout our list of best international phone plans by Verizon for both short and long term travelers.
Verizon prepaid phone for international travel offers unlimited data, unlimited calls and text. This means, as you travel from US to other countries, you can still use your Verizon phone plans which will allow you to browse the internet, stream and download unlimitedly and even make calls and text for free.
Verizon has four International phone plans for US travelers. The available Verizon international plans are: TravelPass, International monthly plans, Mexico and Canada plans and Cruise and InFlight plans and rates.
Amongst these international plans, we have written detailed article on when and how to save big when traveling and which plan is best for which travel types.

Best Phone Plans for International Travels

Verizon TravelPass

Cost $10/day and can be used in 210 destintations.
With Verizon TravelPass Plan cost $10/day and can be used in 210+ countries and destinations. To get started with this International plan, text the word TRAVEL to 4004. Once added, you’ll only be charged on the days you send or receive a call, send texts or use data on your device while abroad, so there’s no need to remove it when you return. In Canada and Mexico you only pay $5/line although, roaming in Canada and Mexico is included with Unlimited Plus, Unlimited Welcome, and other Unlimited plans.

Verizon International Monthly Plan

Cost $100/line per month and includes Unlimited data, 250 minutes and Unlimited texts
With Verizon International Monthly Plan, you can choose to add a one-time bundle of minutes, texts and data, or you can opt for that bundle to remain active until you decide to remove it. The International monthly plan can be used in 210+ countries and destinations. If you choose not to add an International Monthly plan or travel to a country not included in the plan you’ll be charged Pay as You Go rates. Unlimited data condition is, after your first 20GB of high speed data enjoy unlimited 3G data then, overage $0.25/min applies.

Verizon International Phone Plans Review

It’s best when traveling outside US to look for best international phone plans to save on cost. We have listed best International phone plans by Verizon for US travelers.

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