How to Gift MTN Data: MTN New Codes to Buy Data for Loved Ones

Want to Gift data to your loved ones? With MTN Gifting feature, you can send Data plan to anyone on the MTN network. Checkout the codes on how to buy or gift data plan for another customer on MTN.

#MTN Gifitng and MTN Data Transfer is different.

#MTN Gifting works when with MTN to MTN customers.

#MTN  Code to Buy Data for someone is *312#. See guide how to gift below properly.

#Amount is Charged from Airtime Balance.

How to Buy MTN Data for Someone

MTN service to buy data for a friend is the same as MTN Gifting. You can buy a specific data bundle for your
special friend, and the cost will be deducted from your airtime balance.

MTN Code to Buy Data for a Friend

dial *312*Bundle Activation Code*Beneficiary’s Phone number#. Checkout the bundle activation code and their prices below.

MTN Activation Bundle codes for Data Gifting and Prices

Bundle Plan Activation Code Price
MTN Daily (30MB) 104 N100
MTN Weekly (750MB) 103 N500
MTN Monthly (1.5GB) 106 N1,000

Full list of MTN activation code here.

Bundle Plan Price
Data Allowance
Validity Period USSD Code SMS to 131
Best for?
MTN Daily Plans N100 30MB 24 hours  *104# 104 Phones
200 100MB 24 hours  *113# 113 Tablet/iPad/PC
MTN Weekly Plan ₦500 750MB 7 days *103# 103 SmartPhones
MTN Monthly Plans 1,000 1.5GB 30 days *106# 106 Smart Phones
₦2,000 3.5GB 30 days  *110# 110 PC/Tabs
5,000 10GB 30 days *116# 116 Video Streaming
10,000 22GB 30 days  *117# 117 Heavy Users
20,000 50GB 2 months (60days)  *118# 118 Wi-fi / hotspot
50,000 85GB 3 months (90days)  *133# 133 Mini-Cafe`
MTN Night Plan N2,500 4.5GB 9pm–6am, 30days *102# 102 Heavy users
MTN Weekend Plan N3,000 4.5GB Fri9pm-Mon 6am, 30days *108# 108 Heavy Users

Interestingly, you can request Data from a Friend if you Need data urgently? You can request data from a special friend. Simply dial *312*7*3#

Frequently Asked Questions on MTN Buy Data for a Friend

How many times can I buy data for my loved ones?

You can buy any data plan multiple times for your beneficiary as long as you have sufficient credit in your line.

What Data bundle I can gift a friend?

Any MTN data bundle from daily, weekly and monthly plans. However, you can not gift special data offers on MTN.

How do I check the balance of my gifted bundle?

You can check your gifted data bundle balance via:

  • SMS: Text 2 to 323
  • USSD: dialing *323*4#
  • myMTN NG App
  • Zigi

Conclusions on MTN Data Gifting

Check the appropriate bundle activation code and confirm amount before proceeding.

Ones gifted, the operation can not be undone. Confirm the MTN customer number below sending your gift to avoid wrong user collecting the bundle.

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