H1B visa application timeline 2024

H1B Visa Application Timeline 2024: A Detailed Guide

The H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows U.S. companies to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations. The application process is highly competitive, with a limited number of visas available each year. Here’s a detailed timeline and guide for the H1B visa application process for 2024.

1. Pre-Filing Preparation (September 2023 – February 2024)

September 2023 – December 2023

  • Identify Job Position: Ensure the job position qualifies as a specialty occupation and the candidate meets the educational and professional requirements.
  • Employer Preparation: Employers should start preparing for the H1B filing by gathering necessary documents and ensuring compliance with Department of Labor (DOL) requirements.
  • Candidate Preparation: Candidates should ensure their qualifications are in order, such as obtaining necessary degree evaluations or transcripts.

January 2024 – February 2024

  • Legal Consultation: Employers and candidates may consult with immigration attorneys to ensure all documentation and processes are in order.
  • Document Collection: Gather required documents such as educational credentials, professional experience letters, and detailed job descriptions.

2. Labor Condition Application (LCA) Filing (February 2024 – March 2024)

February 2024

  • LCA Preparation: Prepare the LCA, which includes details about the job position, wages, and working conditions. This is filed with the Department of Labor (DOL).
  • LCA Posting: Employers must post notices of the LCA at the workplace to inform current employees of the intent to hire an H1B worker.

March 2024

  • LCA Submission: Submit the LCA to the DOL for certification. This can take about 7 days for processing.
  • LCA Approval: Once approved, the LCA will be valid for the H1B petition.

3. H1B Registration and Lottery (March 2024 – April 2024)

March 1 – March 20, 2024

  • H1B Registration Period: Employers must submit electronic registrations for each prospective H1B employee. A $10 registration fee per candidate is required.
  • Lottery Selection: USCIS conducts a random selection process if the number of registrations exceeds the annual cap (65,000 regular cap and 20,000 for U.S. advanced degree holders).

Late March 2024

  • Lottery Results: USCIS notifies employers of selected registrations. Only selected registrants can proceed to the next step.

4. H1B Petition Filing (April 2024 – June 2024)

April 1, 2024

  • Petition Filing Opens: The earliest date to file H1B cap-subject petitions with USCIS.
  • Complete Petition Preparation: Prepare the H1B petition package, including Form I-129, supporting documentation, and filing fees.

April 1 – June 30, 2024

  • Petition Submission: File the H1B petition with USCIS. Premium processing is available for expedited processing.
  • Receipt Notices: USCIS issues receipt notices for properly filed petitions.

5. Petition Adjudication (May 2024 – October 2024)

May 2024 – October 2024

  • USCIS Review: USCIS reviews the submitted petitions. They may request additional evidence (RFE) if needed.
  • RFEs: Respond promptly to any RFEs to avoid delays.
  • Adjudication Results: USCIS makes a decision on the petition, and approval notices are sent out.

Premium Processing

  • 15-Day Processing: If premium processing is chosen, USCIS will adjudicate the petition within 15 calendar days.

6. Visa Stamping and Travel (June 2024 – September 2024)

June 2024 – September 2024

  • Consular Processing: For those outside the U.S., schedule and attend a visa interview at a U.S. consulate or embassy. Bring the approval notice, passport, and other required documents.
  • Visa Stamping: If approved, the H1B visa will be stamped in the passport.

October 1, 2024

  • Employment Start Date: The start date for H1B employment, as indicated on the petition.

Key Dates and Milestones

  • September 2023 – February 2024: Pre-filing preparation.
  • February – March 2024: LCA filing and certification.
  • March 1 – March 20, 2024: H1B registration period.
  • Late March 2024: Lottery results announced.
  • April 1, 2024: H1B petition filing begins.
  • April – June 2024: H1B petition submission period.
  • May – October 2024: Petition adjudication period.
  • October 1, 2024: H1B employment start date.

Tips for a Successful Application

  1. Start Early: Begin preparations as early as possible to ensure all documents and requirements are in order.
  2. Detailed Documentation: Ensure all documents are accurate, complete, and detailed, especially job descriptions and qualification proofs.
  3. Legal Assistance: Consider consulting with an immigration attorney to navigate complex requirements and increase the chances of approval.
  4. Monitor Deadlines: Keep track of important dates and deadlines to avoid missing critical steps in the process.
  5. Respond Promptly: If USCIS issues an RFE, respond promptly with the requested information.


The H1B visa application process for 2024 involves multiple steps, including pre-filing preparations, LCA filing, registration, petition filing, and consular processing. By understanding the timeline and requirements, employers and applicants can better navigate the process and increase their chances of securing an H1B visa. Early preparation and attention to detail are key to a successful application.

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