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9mobile internet browsing/downloading configuration settings

How to configure internet browsing with 9mobile, is simply. Below is the configuration details on how to configure a 9mobile SIM in a smartphone, android, java phones to browse and download.

Note: Most phones get automatic internet browsing settings once a SIM card is inserted in them.

Configure 9mobile internet browsing automatic

If you have issues with browsing configuration settings on 9mobile, you can simply text “SETTINGS” to 790, then the configuration settings will then be sent to you, save it and activate as default settings and you’re good to go.

How to configure 9mobile internet browsing manually

You can also use manual settings if the automatic way does not work for you.

Go to Access Point settings on your phone and input this information.

Account Name: 9mobile internet
Access Point Name (APN): 9mobile
Home Page: http://mobile.9mobile.com.ng
IP Address:

Among the above configuration settings done manually, the only important fields there are, APN and IP address, the rest canbe edited to suite your need.

For example: creating a browsing configuration file for FreeBrowsinGeeks,

Account Name: Freebrowsingeeks Internet
Access Point Name (APN): 9mobile
Home Page: https://freebrowsingeeks.com
IP Address:

Feel free to report if any error occured. Some device that will not work even after configuration, it recommended that it’s been factory reset or flashed.

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