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Access bank ussd code: to transfer, recharge, check balance & open account

Access bank USSD code can be used to make transfers, buy airtime, data for self (the connected SIM on the access bank account) or loved ones, e.t.c. The access bank ussd code can also be used to check account balance and bank account details like request for your access bank mini-statement of account, retrieve BVN and other bank personal details.

We are giving a comprehensive use of the access bank ussd code for Nigerians to utilize and make their banking experience smooth.

Access Bank USSD Codes

With the Access bank Nigeria USSD code, you can perform the following functions:

  1. Transfer money using Access bank ussd code
  2. Recharge airtime to self or loved ones using Access bank recharge code
  3. Check account balance using Access bank account balance checking code
  4. Check BVN on your Access bank using the Access bank BVN checking code

Other things you can do with the Access bank ussd code also exist, but we are only working the four mentioned above. So, let us get started.

Access Bank Plc is a Nigeria commercial Bank. Access Bank Plc headquarters is located in Lagos State and also has a lot of branches in other states in Nigeria. Access Bank Plc also operates in some African countries and the United Kingdom. Recently, Access Bank merged with Diamond Bank Plc.

Access bank transfer code

With the Access bank ussd transfer code, you can easily and securely transfer money from your Access bank active account to any other Nigeria naira bank. During transfer of your money to another account, you maybe required to indicate the recieving bank if either an Access bank account or other banks, so we’ll be giving the Access bank transfer code for Access to Access bank transfer and Access to other banks transfer codes.

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Access bank transfer to Access bank code (same bank transfer)

To transfer funds within Access banks, dial *901*1*AMOUNT*ACCOUNT_NUMBER#

An example: If my access bank account number is 0939489324 and you want to transfer 10,000 naira to me, then follow this guide, by dailing *901*1*5000*0939489324#.

Access bank transfer to other banks code

To transfer money from an Access bank to other banks dial *901*2*AMOUNT*ACCOUNT_NUMBER#.

Using the above can help you to get a clearer picture on how to transfer money from your Access bank to other banks.

Access bank recharge airtime code

Whether to self recharge or recharge airtime or purchase data for a loved one or friend, using Access bank recharge code can help a long way.

On the go, access bank recharge airtime ussd code can credit any Nigeria active mobile number on any network like MTN Nigeria, Glo Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria and even 9mobile.

The Access bank recharge airtime ussd code is:


The above Access bank ussd code is to recharge your line with a minimum of 50 and maximum of 100,000 naira airtime at a time.

To recharge airtime to your Access bank linked mobile number, if you want a 1,000 naira airtime credit, simply dail *901*1000#.

You don’t need to indicate your mobile number, rather be concerned about if the credit you want to recharge is available in your bank account.

Access bank code to recharge other numbers

To recharge any nigeria mobile telecom network number, simply dial *901* AIRTIME_AMOUNT * RECIEVER_NUMBER #.

How to recharge a mobile number, using the access bank ussd recharge airtime code:

Here is an example: if my mobile number is 09059683804, on the Glo network and you want to recharge one with 500 naira worth of airtime:

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If you have not used the Access bank 901 service(s) before, you maybe required to register before usage.

If the PIN inputted is correct and the amount specified is available in the account, recharge airtime sent will be credited to the mobile number specified.

Access bank code to check account balance

You can make many important bank request with your mobile device without going to the bank because of the Access bank simply ussd codes, for example to check your account balance.

To check your Access bank account balance, follow the steps below:

  1. Dail *901# on your Access bank mobile number (linked to the bank)
  2. Select the “My account” option
  3. Then, choose “Request account balance”

You should see your account balance details pop. This service is free.

Access bank code to check BVN

With the access official ussd code, you can also request your bank details like BVN, so, to do this, follow this simple guide.

You can check your BVN using the mobile number registered with them.

Access bank ussd code to Open Account

Most people aren’t aware that with your mobile number you can open and operate a valid bank account without going to any bank branch.

The Access bank ussd code to open an account with Access Bank is available and working fine.

The steps required to open an account with Access bank through ussd code is:

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The successful registration message comes with your brand new Account number, date of issue and other tip & recommendation links like to access their website or app. Yeah! That’s all 😎

Access bank code to pay bills

With the access bank unique ussd code, you can make purchases, subscriptions on DStv, GOtv and other satellite tv subscriptions, you can as well pay your utility bills.

Access bank ussd code to pay utility bills like electricity, water, maintenance, e.t.c is simple, fast and convenient. So lets get going with how to pay for any utility bill with the Access bank ussd code.

To pay your bills with Access ussd code, follow this steps:

  1. On your Access bank mobile number, dail *901*3#
  2. Follow the prompt by selecting the category of bill you’ll be paying for
  3. Then, select the main bill you are paying for like DStv for satellite cable subscriptions, electricity like AEDC (Abuja electricity distribution company)
  4. A PIN is required to complete this process, so input your access ussd PIN.

If your account is active and with enough funds for the operations, you’ll be successfully debited for the bill payment.

Review and recommendation on Access bank ussd code

The Access bank USSD code is unique to only Access bank users in Nigeria and it does alot of work for her users like account balance checking, transfer of money to another local account, recharge airtime, request personal details and lots more.

It’s highly recommended that all Access bank users work with this simple and effective way to manage their account, simply by using *901# (the Accesss bank official USSD code).

Share with friend and loved ones using Access bank to enjoy the simplicity of banking made possible by USSD code.

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