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Calling Tricks: How to Divert Calls from one to any Number

You can direct calls of a line to any number of your choose maybe for reasons like privacy, no disturb, e.t.c.

You can choose to move all incoming calls of a Number (let say No.1) to any number (say No.2).

We shouldn’t mistake Call Divert for Call forwarding. Though there are similar in th sense that, there both can direct calls from one line to another defined number.

How to Activate Call Forwarding

The call forwarding feature is available on device specific interface and it mostly found under the call settings sections.

In most cases, call forwarding always shows a forward symbol at the top of it screen after activation/setup.

Looking to set up call forwarding on Android? It is actually possible to reroute incoming calls to a secondary number, which could be a useful feature for various reasons.

I use it every time I travel, for example. Setting up call forwarding on Android helps me avoid call roaming fees, as I can reroute all calls to my home phone, or a local number. Other people use it to avoid being bothered during vacations.

Difference btw Call Divert and Call Forwarding

The differences between the call transfer(call divert) and call divert are as follows.

The call divert feature allows a user to press the forward button to forward a call to a third party without answering the call. While, The call forwarding allows calls to be forwarded to a preset number or voice mailbox based on preset conditions.

How to Setup Call Forwarding on Android Devices

  1. Open the Phone calling app.
  2. Enter Menu, using the 3-dot button at the top.
  3. Go to ‘Call settings‘.
  4. Tap on ‘Call forwarding‘.
  5. You will see multiple options, Find options and explainations below.
  6. After choosing one of the listed options, go ahead and set the forwarding number.
  7. Select ‘Enable’, ‘Turn on’, or ‘OK’.

Call frowarding Options on Android Phone Call App:

Codes for Activating Call Forwarding

How to use Codes:

  1. Open the phone call app.
  2. Dial the code, followed by the number you wish to forward calls to, followed by the # sign.
  3. Example: *21*09044—-894#
  4. Press ‘Send’, ‘Call’, or whatever action button your device uses.

So what can i use the Call forwarding feature for?

call forwarding is a great feature. You can choose to forward or direct all calls from your busy line used in the office to the home number line you have or vice versa.

Maybe you want to direct all calls from one number to another because of phones’ faultiness, then you will need to use a call forward feature to channel all incoming calls to the line to another line so as to recieve calls perfectly.

Note: The Caller will get a response of Call Forward, but the number will not change to the forwarded number. It will remain as the number he called, but a call forward note, sometimes tune will be made known.

Disadvantages of Call Forwarding

If you accidently or someone activated call forward on your line, you might be supprised, no one can call your number no matter how active your line is, because it has been forwarded to a number specified during the activation process.

Sometimes, call forwarding can be directed to voice mail numbers. In this case, the user wants to avoid incoming calls.

But if incase you don’t know how to it happened that your number fell into call forwarding feature in your phone you can still revert or remove it using our guide here on How to remove my Number from Call Forwarding Feature, which include two method: using phone cal app and using codes to deactivate the call forward.

You can drop your feedback regarding our tutorial on call forwarding and activation process. If it worked for you, you can do us a favour by commenting below your experience.

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