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Bank Codes to Buy Airtime & Data Plans in Nigeria

Looking for your bank code to recharge and buy data? Welcome to a list of all popular Nigeria banks USSD codes to let you recharge, buy data from your bank, transfering cash and other operations.

To get started, checkout the shortlist to find your bank recharge code and daily recharge limit.

Benefits of Bank Code – Recharge USSD Code

Asking what you can do with your bank code? Here are the use cases:

  1. Buy airtime directly from your bank account
  2. Buy Mobile data plan directly from account
  3. Buy airtime or data for loved ones by knowing only their mobile number
  4. Transfer funds
  5. Pay for bills, utility bills, e.g: Electricity, Water, Dstv bills
  6. Pay for shopping online without using your card by using USSD transfer.
  7. Lots more others like, opening account, request mini statement of account, create secured tokens, e.t.c.

Advantages of bank recharge code for buying Airtime and Data

There are lots of advantages for using bank code, USSD code, for your bank transactions.

Summary of Banks Recharge Codes & Daily Recharge limit

Before getting started, you must

If you have the above listed, scroll to locate your bank and get your recharge code below or better still have knowledge of it for later use.

First Bank Of Nigeria*894*Amount#₦3,000
Guaranteed Trust Bank (GTB)*737*Amount#₦5,000
United Bank Of Africa (UBA)*919*Phone No*Amount#₦5,000
First City Monument Bank (FCMB)*329*Amount#₦5,000
Access Bank Plc*901*Amount#₦5,000
Fidelity Bank Plc*770*Amount#₦5,000
Sterling Bank Plc*822*Amount#₦20,000
Polaris Bank Limited*833*Amount#₦5,000
Zenith Bank Plc*966*Amount*Phone No#₦5,000
Union Bank Of Nigeria*826*Amount#₦20,000
Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc*909*Amount#₦5,000
Wema Bank Plc*945*Amount#₦10,000
Diamond Bank Plc*302*Amount#₦3,000
Unity Bank*7799*Amount# 
Heritage Bank Plc*745*Amount#₦20,000
Keystone Bank Limited*7111*Amount#₦20,000
Airtime Recharge Codes and Daily Limit for Nigeria Banks

The codes used above is called a bank USSD code for USSD transactions. With a USSD code you can do many things as mentioned in our benefits of recharge codes earlier.

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List of Bank USSD Codes in Nigeria for recharge, transfers, data and bills

We have gathered info on Nigeria banks USSD codes and how to use them for recharging, data purchasing, fund transfering, bill payments and shopping online.

First Bank Recharge Code – FBN USSD Code

First Bank Of Nigeria, FBN, one of top commercial banks in West Africa has USSD banking made easy and faster using 894 as their USSD code.

To buy airtime from your First bank account, dial *894*Amount# on the number linked to your bank and is eligible for USSD banking. Example, to buy N200 airtime, just dial *894*200# on your bank linked number.

Although, to buy airtime for another number, dial *894*Amount*Mobile Number# on your line registered for USSD banking.

The USSD Code for First Bank is *894#. Dialing this will open you to list of USSD services offered and using First bank USSD code for USSD banking costs a fee.

GTBank Recharge Code – GTCO USSD Code

GTBank now GTCO has been using USSD banking for a while. Their USSD code is one among the simpliest on our list, 737!

To buy airtime from your GT bank account, dial *737*amount# on the number linked to your bank and is eligible for USSD banking. Example, to buy N200 airtime, just dial *737*200# on your bank linked number.

To buy airtime for others, dial *737*Amount*Phone Number#. Example, to buy N500 airtime for 09059683804, dial *737*500*09059683804# with your registered SIM that is linked to your GTBank account.

United Bank for Africa Recharge Code – UBA USSD Code

United Bank Of Africa official USSD code is 919 for everything you need on USSD banking.

To recharge with UBA, dial *919*Phone Number*Amount#. To get started on the USSD banking, dail *919# to recharge, transfer, buy data plans, e.t.c.

FCMB Recharge Code – First City Monument Bank USSD Code

If you’re a customer of First City Monument Bank, you can also be recharging your phone from your savings.

To recharge on FCMB, dial *329*Amount# with your registered USSD banking mobile number. Example, *322*1000# to recharge your line with 1000 naira from your bank.

To recharge other number with your FCMB account, dial *329*Amount*Mobile number#. Example, *329*1000*09012345678#.

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Access Bank Recharge Code – Access Bank USSD Code

Access Bank Plc also has a VTU system that allows you to pay for Airtime and internet packs from the balance you have left on your savings account.

To buy airtime from your Access bank account, dial *901*Amount#. Example, *901*2500# to load 2500 naira airtime of your number.

Diamond Bank Recharge Code

Diamond Bank is now merged with Access Bank Plc some call it Access Daimon bank. well, with time this Daimond bank USSD code will fade away.

To buy airtime from your Daimond bank account, dial *302*Amount# or *901*Amount#. Replace “Amount” with the price of airtime you want to buy.

To buy airtime from your Diamond Yello Account, dial *710*555*Phone no*Amount*Your PIN#.

Fidelity Bank Recharge Code – Fidelity Bank USSD Code

Fidelity Bank Plc is not left behind. As an active customer, you can top-up your Airtime balance through your bank account.

To buy airtime from your Fedelity bank account, dial *770*Amount# for self recharge. Ex. *770*200#.

For others, dial *770*Phone Number*Amount#. Example, to buy N200 for 09059683804, dial *770*0905683804*200#

Sterling Bank Code – Sterling USSD Code

All Sterling Bank Plc customers can also buy credit for their MTN, Airtel, Glo, or 9mobile line and possibly buy a data plan afterward using the code below.

To buy airtime from your Sterling bank account, dial *822*Airtime Amount#. Example; *822*200#.

Polaris Bank Recharge Code – Polaris Bank USSD Code

Polaris Bank Limited which was formally known as Skye also accepts mobile ussd code recharges. Yes, you can confidently load credits without worries.

To buy airtime from your Polaris bank account, dial *833*Airtime Amount#. Example; *833*1000# to load 1000 naira.

EcoBank Recharge Code – EcoBank USSD Code

Ecobank is a Pan African Bank which operates in thirty-six (36)  countries in Africa and having a USSD banking a must for them.

To get started with Eco bank USSD banking, dail *236# to make transfers, buy airtime and data bundles and pay bills straight from the comfort of your home with your registered mobile number.

To buy airtime from your EcoBank bank account, dial *326*Credit Amount#. Example; *326*200# to load 200 naira on your linked mobile number.

Zenith Bank Recharge Code – Zenith Bank USSD Code

Zenith Bank Plc is a multinational financial service provider located in Nigeria. While you can open a ZERO account with them, it’s also possible to buy airtime from your savings.

To buy airtime from your Zenith bank account, dial *302*Recharge Amount# to recharge your personal phone number. Example; *302*2500#.

To buy for other numbers, dial *966*Amount*Mobile Number#. Example; *966*2500*08034091023 to transfer N2500 credit to 08034091023.

Union Bank Recharge Code – Union Bank USSD Code

Union Bank Of Nigeria (UBN) is a trusted and reliable banker partner that offers easy-to-use products and services to customers. They’ve brought the solution to airtime recharging problems, and with this, you can buy airtime and data at any time, anywhere.

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To buy airtime from your Union bank account, dial *826*Amount#. Example, *826*1000#.

For others, dial *826*Amount*Phone Number#.

Stanbic IBTC Bank Recharge Code

To buy airtime from your IBTC bank account, dial *909*Amount# to recharge your phone. Example, dial *909*500# to recharge N500.

Wema Bank Recharge Code

Wema Bank is a commercial bank licensed by the First Bank Of Nigeria. They also offer well-known banking services and airtime recharging is part of them.

To buy airtime from your Wema bank account, dial  *945*Amount#. Example, *945*5000#.

For others, just dial *945*phone No*amount#. Example, dial *945*09012345678*5000# to send N5000 airtime to 09012345678.

Unity Bank Recharge Code – Unity Bank USSD Code

For business inquiries, banking products, and services, Unity Bank is here for you. You can also buy credits directly from your Unity bank account.

To buy airtime from your Unity bank account, dial *7799*Amount#. Example, *7799*1000# for 1000 naira recharge.

To recharge other lines, dial *7799*Phone Number*Amount# from your Unity bank USSD registered mobile number.

Heritage Bank Recharge Code

Heritage Bank Plc also has a VTU system that enables you to get airtime from the comfort of your home or anywhere you are at the moment.

Keystone Bank Recharge Code

Keystone Bank Limited allows you to carry out different banking services on your mobile phone wherever you are in Nigeria.

How to Recharge another Number with your Bank

All you need to do is dial your bank ussd recharge code. After that, follow the prompt then enter the phone number of the person you want to transfer airtime to.

Take for example;

If you want to transfer credit to 07095034896 using Access Bank Account USSD Recharge Code,

Alternatively, you can make use of one of the codes I’ve given above.

Conclusion on Bank Recharge Codes

It’s actually code, Bank USSD code, but because of the demand on search and questions from visitors e.g: recharge code for GTBank, recharge code for Zenith bank, transfer code for Union bank and so on, we decided to name our post Bank recharge code for banks in Nigeria which sounds easy for most Nigeria Googlers.

Why you need your Bank recharge Code, USSD Code to Recharge

Maybe when using your bank’s USSD transfer/recharge code to purchase data or airtime, it did be that:

But to whatever reason for use of your bank recharge or transfer code, please secure your PIN, it is private. Allowing it to be known can lead to unauthorized bank transactions on your account.

Tips to securing your Bank Transfer Code PIN

Avoid common digits like your year of birth, linear sequence digits, e.g: 1234, 2345, 5555, 3333, e.t.c. There are not recommended as secure PIN as it’s easily guessed.

Thanks for visiting our posts today, see you next time and share if you don’t mind helping.


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