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Complete MTN Blackberry Data, Price, Validity and Activation Codes

MTN Blackberry data bundles exists for a reason. It’s cheaper, faster and better, but the restrictions and hard terms to this plans has made it forgotten by many MTN subscribers.

If you are looking for MTN blackberry data plans, then we have a complete list of all blackberry for MTN with their subscription codes and pricing.

Please Note:

There are limitations and conditions for using the MTN blackberry data plans. Read the MTN blackberry termsa dn conditions for use of their package carefully before proceeding with any MTN BB plan

MTN BB Complete Plan

The MTN BB complete plan is the blackberry complete bundle offering cheap data for small amount of cash. The BB complete package comes many offers:

MTN BB Absolute Plan

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MTN BB Quarterly Data Plan

MTN BlackBerry 10 Plan

This mtn data plan is also known as the BB10 plan that consists of Mini plans which are small bundles, Midi plans which are medium data bundles, and Maxi plans with BIG data volumes on subscription.

Take a look at the MTN BB 10 plans and make your choice:

MTN BB 10 Mini

To Get 10MB For 70 naira on MTN, send BBLITED to 21600. Valid for 1day.

BBlited fans where are you? Lol. I remember a few years ago when this mtn data plan was on-trend. It’s just like a free, Unlimited browsing cheat.

Once you subscribe with 70naira on your mtn line, you will be given total free access to the internet to browse and download your favorite stuff. Not like other mtn data plans that are limited.

Android users also benefited from using SimpleServer.apk but right now, everything is gone. You get what you paid for, that’s it.

MTN BB10 Midi Data Plan

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See the MTN Cheapest Data: 1500 naira Data Plan Code For 12GB guide.

MTN BB10 Maxi

With 1100naira recharged on your mtn sim, you will get 350megabyte to browse and download your favorite stuff on your blackberry phone after a successful subscription. Valid For 1week.

MTN BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Data Plan

MTN relaunched the Blackberry messenger data bundle and this time, it gives you flexible and affordable mtn data plans to chat and continue pinging on the BBM app for Android, iPhone, Nokia X smartphones, and even Blackberry mobile itself.

All you need to do is download the BBM app on your phone. It’s available on Google PlayStore, AppStore, Nokia Store, and Other sources.

(The above-mentioned are trusted and recommended. Meanwhile, you are free to download from other sources)

After downloading, relax, and select one of the MTN Blackberry Messenger data plans below:

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Conclusions on MTN Blackberry Bundles

The bundles are going out of date as the demand and knowlege for this type of package is getting smaller. MTN blackberry was our best data bundle especially for running MTN data cheats on them.

Please note that, there are limitations and conditions for using the MTN blackberry data plans before proceeding.

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