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How to debit a Naira card without OTP or PIN

In Nigeria, someone may want to withdraw funds or debit from a Naira master or Visa card, but this has seem not possible this days with several security protocols by Nigeria banks like OTP and card PINs.

Today, we’ll expose how to debit funds from a Naira Master or Visa cards without the use of OTP or card PIN.

Here is how to debit a Naira card without OTP or PIN, read below.

Caution: This is primarily an educational content and should not be used for ilegal uses. Using this guide is at your own risk.

Over the years past, withdrawing money from a Naira debit card in Nigeria was easy just by knwoning the card number and expiry date alone (not even the CVV), but now, it takes technical and cyber skills to get past this security protocols preventing withdrawals without the issuing bank OTP and or Card PIN.

Now lets dive into how to get started in withdrawing or transferring a money from a naira debit card with OTP and card PIN.

Read carefully and at your own risk. This content is for educational purpose only.

If you pick up someone’s Naira Master or Visa debit card and intend to withdraw or shop with it, you must need a security step to confirm it’s yours, that’s the challenge is, OTP used to verify the owner of a debit card.

What is OTP & How it works?

To get started, lets understand how and why OTP is been implemented.

OTP is short of One Time Password, is used to stop non card owners from using someone’s Naira debit card if they want to fund or shop online. There are two security layers in every debit card, the card PIN and OTP.

PIN: Set by card owner instructed by the bank. Meant to block authorised user from direct withdrawal from the person’s account.

OTP – Prevents online usage if not a user card. Always sent to the registered line of the card owner to confirm online usage.

Bad actors and Yahoo boys are always stopped with this security layer. Here is an exmaple below:

otp message online transaction

What is OTP?

The OTP is a randomly generated password that is atleast 4-digits, that’s 4 digits above. Like in the example image above, GTBank generated 6 digit for my transaction with an online gaming company when funding my account.

How does OTP works?

It’s sent to the phone number or email that is associated with the Naira debit card. Someone without the OTP code, can not proceed in transaction if he doesn’t have access to the mail or registered mobile phone.

For this to happen, you would be considering several ideas. One of the challenges of shopping online is that most payment service providers allow you to finish up your transaction with your bank before you pay for whatever you buy online.

Let’s say you are using PayStack; at some point, you will be redirected to your bank’s portal to finish up transactions.

Going to your bank to finish up your transaction is the reason why OTP is requested.

But let’s say that a particular shop doesn’t link you to your bank to finish up your payment, what exactly will you do? I guess you will have access to all your client’s cash.

Methods to withdraw cash from a Nigeria ATM card without OTP or PIN

Several methods exits to debit any naira ATM, but today, we are only looking at how to withdraw funds on Naira master debit card and that of Visa cards.

Methods to withdraw funds from a Nigeria bank cards are not straight, rather it requires technicalities, cyber skills and lots of tools to propagate the operation successfully.

We are Freebrowsingeeks.com, has taken a 2 year research work on how to direct money from a master naira ATM card or nigeria bank issued Visa card into other platforms for easy cash access.

Freebrowsingeeks cyber team have gathered multiple valid means to withdraw cash from any bank using the linked ATM cards without the use of OTP or card PIN and there include:

  1. Using International shopping site & tools
  2. Master card P2P transfer method
  3. ATM card cloning to be used on local stores
  4. SIM swap & penetration tools

These methods are verified methods to withdraw from any Nigeria bank ATM card: master naira card, visa card in Nigeria without the use of OTP that should be sent to the owners SIM.

Using international shopping sites and tools to withdraw funds from a Naira ATM card

Before we start debiting a naira master or visa card using online shopping sites from our international brothers, i’ll be taking you through what you need before you start the process.

Requirements to shop online with a naira ATM card without OTP & PIN

This process is not legal if it’s not your naira ATM card. But we the team have argued while we should expose the methods of withdrawing funds from any naira ATM cards by byepassing the security protocols of OTP, PIN and Hardware tokens.

Here is a short story, why we made the this article.

A boy came to be requesting he did wanted to withdraw all available amount from his uncle’s bank account.

I directly told him, it’s illegal and i won’t.

He continued begging and saying non-sense, until he passed through a valid point. Guess what?

He said

I lost my uncle, we where using the his SIM card to buy airtime, then sell it manually just to feed😢.

So, we went to the bank to make enquiries on how to get access to the funds! The bank said, until the next of kin or will of the Man (uncle) is made known (but this said man is dead).

So, bank has blocked the method we where managing to withdraw from my uncles bank, which was through airtime purchase and re-sell.

Aaah! And he started crying 😢😒 That was #hash…

The uncle died a stingy man, where never let anyone know his bank details, not even his BVN 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Well, that was what made me did the withdrwas for him in under 2weeks. Yes 2weeks!!! Because it’s not a direct way. We made withdraw from the card, without the bank having what to do.

otp bypass for online shopping online shopping with otp using fake billing address online shopping with requiring otp online shopping without otp using fake details

Now, over to our work on how to debit a naira ATM card using the online shopping methods, which i’ll be giving you requirements to propagate this operations.

The requirements to shop online using any naira master debit ATM cards are:

  1. Good VPN
  2. Fake billing address
  3. Fake mobile number
  4. Understanding the online shop shipping & delivery policies
1. Good VPN to shop online to bypass OTP & PIN

Just perhaps your location wants to get tracked, a VPN will keep you safe. Once the card owner reports you to the bank, they will track the location of the purchase. From then on, the police will come right after you.

So for the sake of your safety, I suggest you use a VPN while trying to do anything illegal online. I have recommended this VPN for anyone who wishes to use a VPN and be safe online.

2. Fake billing address to shop online to bypass OTP

Let us assume you are using a stolen naira debit card for any reason (but our intentions are clear, like the said story above). You’ll need a payment gateway that doesn’t require OTP.

Yes! some payment gateways, don’t require OTP to debit from a nigeria master or visa ATM card, that’s there bypass OTP legally.

So, even you, you can be a victim of this act, that is protect your ATM card details from bad actors.

You have to know that you will need to fill in a fake billing address.

This is necessary because when something wrong happens, and you are being tracked, your billing address might sell you out!

It would be best if you covered your tracks by using a fake address to avoid getting busted.

3. Fake mobile number to bypass OTP & card PIN

Well, just incase things goes wrong, that why i was calling for a fake mobile number.

mobile number doesn’t really matter, but you can be tracked with a phone number. So while inputting your details, I suggest you use a fake mobile number.

4. Shipping Policy can hook your funds, so learn it

You’ve successfully been billed and when it reaches delivery, there’ll be requiring your national ID and if it corresponds to the ATM card details used during shipping.

Well, there are ways to bypass this step, which is where the fake mobile number comes in and the fake billing address to note.

If the online shopping site you want to shop without OTP is not strict in its shipping policy, that’s your luck. However, sites with tougher policies can frustrate your shopping online with no OTP or card PIN billing.

It also helps if the eye m site you use for the shopping is located outside your country. The problem is that you need a picker to forward the item. Fortunately, reliable forwarding services are sprouting up, and you can use their services to receive your orders.

I will be showing you some ways that have worked for me, so I hope it works for you too. If you are reading this and thinking I am teaching people how to steal online, that is wrong! I am only trying to teach you how to protect yourself and your finance.

So if you know how they do it, then you can be able to protect your card, money, and whatever thing is valuable to you.

If you equally picked someone’s card and willing to shop with it, then this post will show you how to shop online without OTP. Also, in the post, you will also see some possible payment gateways and shopping sites without OTP.

Steps to shop online without OTP: what to buy & where to buy

Here is the main steps to shop online without requiring OTP or other security verification on the card.

There are many items you can shop or purchase online without requiring the card PIN or OTP from the mobile number or email connected to the bank.

Items to shop online that requires no OTP are:

  1. International online stores for gadgets, wears, automobiles, e.t.c.
  2. Domain & hosting plans
  3. Purchasing an International 3rd party softwares
  4. Dark web item purchases (@your own risk 😎😁)
  5. Purchase gift card on foreign stores
1. International online stores for gadgets & wears without bank OTP

This is another simple piece of advice for you to take. To shop online without OTP, you’d need to buy from stores that can’t verify your bank account.

Let’s say you are in Nigeria and wish to buy from a store in the United States; there is no way their payment gateway can link to Nigeria. So they won’t request OTP when you are about to make a purchase.

There are many websites, but avoid popular ones like Aliexpress, Alibaba, Amazon, Jumia, etc. They are connected to almost all countries, so that would be practically impossible.

Websites to Shop online without OTP

There 100+ of international websites you can shop online without the need for OTP or card PIN, and the sites are safe and legit. The listed websties are sure to buy anything to resell without OTP:

  1. Dominos: https://www.dominos.com (Michigan, United States)
  2. Nearbuy: https://www.nearbuy.com (Mumbai, India)
  3. Auchan:  https://www.auchan.lu (uxembourg, S.A)
  4. BigBasket: https://www.bigbasket.com (Bengaluru, India)
  5. Grofers: https://www.grofers.com (Gurugram, India)
  6. Clovia: https://www.clovia.com (Noida, India)
  7. MakeMyTrip: https://www.makemytrip.com (Gurugram, India)
  8. Inter Ikea systems: https://www.ikea.com (U.S.A.)
  9. Lenskart: https://www.lenskart.com (New Delhi, India)
  10. Pepperfry: https://www.pepperfry.com (Mumbai, India)
  11. ******* Hey! wait! 🤚🏿 is this stuff india only? 😆 *****

This list is full of shit websites that offers to bill a debit naira card without an OTP request and india online stores filled out list, there are tones of more.

2. Purchase domain & hosting without bank OTP

In case you have a debit card and wish to shop online without OTP, then I suggest you have to buy domain names and hosting for people.

Just inform people that you can buy a domain and host them, then go ahead and buy. Most of those websites don’t request OTP. As long as the card information is correct, then you are good to go.

Websites to purchase domain & hosting without OTP

Plenty of legit international websites to buy domain names and hosting from Nigeria with a naira master or debit card are:

  1. Namecheap: Buy domain & hosting
  2. Interserve: Perfect for Hosting purchases
  3. A2Host
  4. 1and1: for Domain and Hosting purchases

And the list rests on, but here is the sad news, you might want to use the domain and hosting for what?

That’s why we have a channel to address all of this issues @freebrowsingupdates telegram channel. Contact if you want to run a domain and hosting purchases of any size and purpose.

3. Buy Third-party softwares

Not Party like club oo 🤷‍♀️😂

Now, these third-party softwares you’ll be purchasing, do mustn’t use them, instead, sell them to those that wants them at a convinient rate that can reach your worth you purchased them with. But, remember to use coupon codes to make the purchase cheaper for more gain to your end.

The aim is to buy and resell to people who actually need the software. I suggest you find a way to buy them and sell them to people interested in the software, which of course you can get thousands of interested individuals who wants to buy them cheap.

There is a lot and 100+ of softwares out there to buy and sell at good rates, so it depends on the one you want. Just visit their website and subscribe. Then you can start selling to others.

Examples of 3rd party softwares you can buy and re-sell are:

  1. Hacking softwares
  2. Website development softwares
  3. Graphics design softwares
  4. Business management & tool softwares
  5. Educational softwares

A popular example is Grammarly software. Once you shop it online without OTP, you can look for writers and let them buy from you. It is that simple and very easy to achieve.

Have you heard of the popular educational and work software for mobile and desktop used for grammer correction and compoositions? It’s called, Grammarly software for mobile and desktop users. You can purchase this software’s licence and re-sell.

While shopping this educational software, use country locations like Qatar, Saudi arabia regions and the rest. Make failed attempts multiples times and then use the master or visa naira ATM card you intented. Simple right? 😎 Ooh yeah!

Some things aren’t meant to be fully known in the internet, so, we’ll be reserving info for our social members who run doings for a living 🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♂️

The hacking softwares to purchase are not disclosed online for the general use and must be based on request for free.

Master card P2P transfer method

With the Mastercard Send feature, you can offer P2P solutions convenient and is almost real-time transactions from any account through any device.

Users of this platfrom can send and receive digital payments typically within seconds*, compared to existing solutions that limit transfers within a closed-loop network or involve ACH, which can take several days.

Visit the official mastercard website to read more about the Mastercard send feature for p2p money sending.

The page explaination might not sound engaging, but i tell you the truth, it’s used for wiring funds from one account another if the recieving account has a master card attached.

Well only from a developer (programmer) end can you much with this method, but note it’s not completely anonymous.

Any questions and further tips? That’s why we have launched a legit telegram customized channel for all freebrowsingeeks loves to connect, @freebrowsingupdates

ATM card cloning to be used on local stores

Master or visa card cloning is a technique used to debit an ATM by using an ATM card cloning device to clone/copy an ATM card then use in a foreign physical location, like their store or resturants, just by swiping the card over a debitting machine 😲

Shocked? U never see anything 😜😂

Zenith Bank Nigeria and UBA customers suffer from this kind of cyber attack where you see an alert notifying you of an unauthorized transaction with a description saying:

MC Loc Web Prch-485**********–FLW

Dude, that is an example direct debiting without OTP. Many legal companies use it, but in most cases as well, bad actors use it to debit cash from a bank account using the ATM card details.

You can have an ATM card cloning machine in your room and perform such wonders. But, na only God go judge you 🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♂️

Just search for ATM cloning machine on AliExpress or Amazon to get yours. I no the for wahala.

SIM swap & penetration tools

This is a tech used when the user of the ATM is present and alive,  but you still need to trick his device to wire you the OTP without the owners notice.

Here, in the SIM swap and penetration method to debit from an ATM card, you must partly have acces to the phone where the OTP recieving SIM is.

Steps to penetrate and swap SIM to recieve OTP:

  1. Activate a Telnet wifi broadcast
  2. Just connect the user phone to wifi network of your telnet mifi
  3. Login to the mifi administrative dashboard
  4. Source the users MAC address and on-the-go, launch the web inspection tools with your PC using Ctrl + Shift + I
  5. fire the SMS hijack .js script which i’ll be publishing below
  6. Put the user on a call to distract while the script is finding the decryption file

The user can’t detect what’s happening in the background when this script runs.

The most important thing is that, you mustn’t be connected while this script is running, it’s just a .js file running with the help of the Linux environment running Node.js.

This script is comletely illegal and should not be practised. Though it works for only android device.

Review & comments on debiting a naira ATM card without OTP

We’ve mentioned some technical approaches and tools to successfully debit a naira master card and that of visa ATM cards.

The most effective way to debit funds from an ATM card is the p2p master card api interface method, but it’s made possible by professional fintech programmers who has experience with the master card api and their functionalities.

The master card p2p money direction method is only for master cards not visa cards. To withdraw funds from a visa card, consider using the online purchase method.

If you consider using these method for evil doings (as a bad actor concern) then use the dark web technologies to fully and anonymously run a successful money transfer from the card of focus to an anonymous account usually foriegn sites.

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