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Glo Cheat: How to Activate 10GB free data 2020

Globacomm is the grandmaster of data so long as Telecomm is concerned in Nigeria. Here, we will show you how Glo now offers his customers free glo 10GB data by just carrying out some easy and smooth tasks. Glo prides to be packed with several data packages and offers that looks and works almost perfect for the business, student, old and young ones. Be it you want high data for streaming, chating or video online games? Then glo is best choice.

Make sure to read carefuly to the end to get the full geek of how to activate your own 10GB free data from Glo network.


Glo is offering any of his exising customers the opportunity to get upto 10GB data for free by just doing this few task.

Here is what the Glo representative said earlier regarding the offer:

Globacom doles out free data to customers upgrading to 4G

Which explain and elaborate that when glo 3GB users upgrade their sim to Glo 4G of recently they will be granted with glo 10GB free data and some other bonus offer which tends to be available for people which are using glo that is the old glo line that came with 3G.

Requirements to Get your Glo Sim Upgrade To 4G

In order to upgrade your Glo sim to 4G you must have to visit the nearest Glo customers service center in your area and tell them you will like to upgrade your sim to 4G.

Now, Before you go to any of the closest Glo customer service center, I will suggest you contact Glo customers care officially and tell them about what you want so that they can offer you the requirements.

How To Contact Glo Customer Care Service for Upgrade to 4G.

You can get to Glo customers care service in different ways without going anywhere.

Simply dial this number: 121. It is free of charge. That is Glo customer care service line.
If you want to call the Glo customer care service with another network, then use this number “08050020121”.

You can also meet Glo on social media platforms to get help ass well:

Facebook Glo Customer Care:- https://www.facebook.com/Gloword
Twitter Glo Customer Care:- @Gloworld @Glocare
Instagram Glo Customer Care:- @GlobacomLimited

With the listed means to reach the Glo customer care service for inquires, i hope atleast one is suitable for you. You can find how to Contact a Glo customer care representative for assistance here.

glo 10gb free data

How to get Glo 10GB free data activated

  1. Contact the Glo customer care service and inquire for eligibility
  2. If you are qualified, work to any nearest Glo customer care service center and perform your SIM upgrade to 4G.
  3. wait for 2hours after Upgrade, while your mobile device is off.
  4. Turn on your device and dial #122*4#
Congratulations, you have been offered the Glo 10GB free data to browse all your favorite social channels and movies.
Note: You may not see anything valid as at dailing #122*4#, in that case make sure you dail #122*[from 1 to 4]#
Follow this in series like this:



Now, if you find a note regarding your upggrade, then you have been ggranted the data for free which is upto 10GB.
Glo has always been wonderful, especially at this point. On like other networks, MTN, Airtel gives only a maximum of 4GB of data for their SIM upgrade.

How to Check my Glo 10GB free data cheat

You can check your Glo 10GB free data just like other data plans. To check your free data dial *127*0#

How long can can the Glo 10GB free data last

It takes 90days to expire after which it can not be rolled over. So use it as you want.
Note also that Glo free data cheat has no restrictions for use. That is you can use the Glo free data for almost anything like Googling, Youtube streaming, facebook and lots more.
Read Note on What Glo said on their official website regarding this offer on How to get 10GB free of data. Also see reasons why the upgrade is useful to you.
gital transformation leader, Globacom, has rolled out data gifts, including a one-off 10GB free data, for its subscribers on 3G SIMs to encourage them to upgrade to 4G SIMs to experience its faster 4G LTE network.Globacom launched its 4G LTE network nationwide in October 2016 and has since consolidated the reach, taking the network to more smaller cities and towns across the country.

A statement from the company’s headquarters in Lagos said in addition to the one-off 10 GB data that customers will get upon upgrading their 3G SIM to 4G SIM, they will also get 25 percent extra data on subsequent data purchases ranging between N500 and N5000 for the next 6 months.

The company said the 10 GB free data will be valid for 7 days, while the validity of the 25 percent extra data will be determined by the data bundle purchased by the customer.

Globacom subscribers who desire to swap their 3G SIMs for 4G SIMs will be able to do so at any Gloworld, Glozone or SIM Swap outlet across the country.

The telecom company also explained that the upgrade will not affect whatever tariff plan the customer has opted for. They will enjoy the benefits of their preferred tariff profile in addition to the benefits accruing to the 4G SIM upgrade.


Source: https://www.gloworld.com/ng/latest-news/globacom-doles-out-free-data-to-customers-upgrading-to-4g/

All you have to do is to contact the customer service either twitter, Instagram or facebook respectively and others means if possible you will get your 10GB for real.

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