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Swift data plans and prices: complete swfit data bundles

SWIFT NETWORK is a fast internet network in some parts of the country, Nigeria. The SWIFT network just like its competitors Smile, nTel, Spectranet are available in Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, Kano and other major cities in Nigeria and importantly, there offer high speed internet access for affordable rates.

Available SWIFT data plan bundles, duration & prices

Today, we’ll share with you all the available SWIFT data plans and their prices. The list features various plans of SWIFT internet data plans with varying validity period ranging from 7 days, 14 days, and 30 days.

SWIFT 1 – 2weeks data plan

Here are the available SWIFT 1week and 14days data plan.

Swift BudgetN5201GB7 days
Swift Value SpecialN1,0202GB7 days
Swift Basic WeeklyN1,5307GB7 days
Swift BudgetN520750MB7 days
Swift ValueN1,0201.5GB7 days
Swift Value PlusN2,0401GB7 days
Swift MeritN5,00010GB14 days

SWIFT 30Days data plan (promo: cheap 1month deal)

Swift Budget PlusN2,0403GB30 days
Swift Unlimited WhatsappN3,58012GB30 days
Swift EconomyN4,1008GB30 days
Swift NightN4,10014GB30 days
Swift Essential MiniN5,63018GB30 days
Swift EssentialN8,71035GB30 days
Swift Essential PlusN12,00027GB30 days
Swift FamilyN7,17040GB30 days
Swift Family PlusN18,94068GB30 days
Swift BusinessN13,31060GB30 days
Swift ClubN12,30055GB30 days
Swift Club PlusN12,79040GB30 days
Swift PremiumN17,93090GB30 days
Swift Premium PlusN18,94060GB30 days
Swift EliteN22,520100GB30 days
Swift EliteplusN27,130125GB30 days
Swift Eliteplus SpecialN27,640100GB30 days
Swift Elite-ProN30,710150GB30 days
Swift LibertyN1,0252GB30 days
Swift Liberty PlusN1,2302.5GB30 days
Swift Basic MiniN1,5304GB30 days
Swift BasicN2,0506GB30 days
Swift ClassicN2,5508GB30 days
Swift ProfessionalN10,25045GB30 days
Swift Powers All 1N18,43055GB30 days
Swift Unlimited SupremeN24,000Unlimited30 days
Swift Powers All 2N23,54080GB30 days
Swift Powers All 3N28,67080GB30 days

SWIFT non-promo data plan

Swift Budget PlusN2,0401GB30 days
Swift BusinessN12,29024GB30 days
Swift ClubN10,23020GB30 days
Swift Club PlusN12,29020GB30 days
Swift EconomyN4,1003GB30 days
Swift EliteN20,48046GB30 days
Swift Eliteplus-specialN26,62060GB30 days
Swift EliteplusN25,60060GB30 days
Swift Elite-ProN30,71080GB30 days
Swift EssentialN7,17018GB30 days
Swift Essential MiniN5,1207GB30 days
Swift Essential PlusN9,21014GB30 days
Swift FamilyN6,14020GB30 days
Swift Family PlusN8,19034GB30 days
Swift NightN3,5807GB30 days
Swift PremiumN15,36030GB30 days
Swift Premium PlusN16,38030GB30 days
Swift Unlimited SupremeN24,000Unlimited30 days

SWIFT Smart business data bundles

Plans in this category are dedicated to business and enterprises. Find their prices and validity below.

SmartBusiness BusinessN9,01030GB30 days
SmartBusiness Business PlusN13,16048GB30 days
SmartBusiness PremiumN15,87065GB30 days
SmartBusiness SilverN19,35075GB30 days
SmartBusiness EliteN23,040100GB30 days
SmartBusiness Silver PlusN25,080115GB30 days
SmartBusiness GoldN29,990145GB30 days
SmartBusiness Elite PlusN31,490150GB30 days
SmartBusiness Gold PlusN36,860185GB30 days
SmartBusiness PlatinumN57,850300GB30 days
SmartBusiness Platinum PlusN62,960350GB30 days
Swift Data Plans Nigeria

How to subscribe to a SWIFT data bundle

Unlike normal internet providers like MTN NG, GLO NG & 9mobile, the SWIFT data network is paid for online or in their physical branch to be able to gain access to the internet through their network.

Here is how to purchase any available SWIFT data plan bundle:

  • Using Quickteller: visit www.quickteller.com/SWIFT, enter your personal details and other requested information, and make payment,
  • using Payarena: visit www.payarena.com/SWIFT and provide the requested details to make payment,
  • usiing ATMs: Visit any ATM point, select the Quickteller option > pay bills > enter the code 202101 to pay for SWIFT services &
  • using USSD: For GTBank users, dial *737*50*Amount*4# and follow the prompt to make payment.

A required and very important detail you need for the payment process is your SWIFT subscriber ID number.

SWIFT Customer care contant details

Find it challenging to subscribe your SWIFT internet device, please us the below means to contact their customer care or support team.

Phone: 08074539974 or 08077195710

Email: wttxsalestm@swiftng.net

SWIFT NETWORK support page

We did love to here how it worked for you and which SWIFT data bundle you loved the most.

We can list some places where the SWIFT networks is most effective below:

Lagos is the most satisfied state with a huge acceptance of the SWIFT networks, followed by Abuja, Federal capital territory. Other places where the SWIFT internet device is active are Kano, Ibadan, Anambra, Cross river, e.t.c.

Please share with your loved ones the interesting data bundle packages by the SWIFT internet network.

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