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GTBank iRefer Program: Make Money from GTBank

Looking for ways to earn cash? If you are a GTBank customer, you make money inviting your friends, family and loved ones using the GTBank iRefer program.

iRefer is a customer referral scheme designed to reward our customers for inviting their friends, families and colleagues to open and maintain GTBank accounts.

What is i-Refer?

Before we proceed on how to get started on making money from GTBank using iRefer, we should know what the program is.

i-Refer is a customer referral scheme (“the Scheme”) through which Guaranty Trust Bank plc (“GTBank”) rewards its existing customers for introducing new prospects (“Prospects”) to GTBank.

How to start Making Money with GTBank

To refer family and friends, complete and submit an iRefer form via any of the following channels:

  1. GTBank Internet Banking Platform
  2. GTBank branches nationwide
  3. An i-Refer code is generated for every family and friend you refer.
  4. Your referred family/friend receives an e-mail prompting them to open a GTBank account.
  5. You receive a cash reward of N100 for every successful referral you make.
  6. You can refer as many people as you want.
  7. The reward goes on and on.

How much can i Earn with the GTBank iRefer Program

Terms and condition of GTBank’s iRefer program

Before you proceed it is important to dig into the rules that governs the scheme of the money making program.

The Scheme shall be governed by the following terms and conditions:

1. Prospects may only be introduced by existing individual GTBank customers whose
accounts are active (“Referrers”); 

2. Referrals can only be initiated via any of the following available channels:
– GTBank’s Internet Banking Platform
– Any GTBank branch

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3. Upon initiating a Referral via any of the channels as stated above or as may be further advised by the Bank, a unique code (“the Referral Code”) will be generated for the Referrer and communicated to the Prospect; 

4. There is no limit to the number of prospects that can be introduced to GTBank by each Referrer;

5. Only the following GTBank accounts (“Referral Accounts”) can be opened under the Scheme:

– GTCrea8 eSavers Account
– GTSave Account
– GTInstant Account
– E-Account
– Current Account
– GTMax
– Seniors

6. The unique Referral Code must be provided by Prospects at the point of opening Referral Accounts, before the referral will be recognised by GTBank. 

7. There shall be a cash reward of N100.00 (one hundred Naira only) (“Cash Reward”) for each Prospect referred to the Bank.

8. A Cash Reward paid to a Referrer on an identified Prospect automatically disqualifies the Referrer from earning additional Cash Reward on that Prospect. 

9. Referrers shall only be entitled to the Cash Reward upon the fulfilment of all the underlisted conditions as will be confirmed by GTBank in its sole and absolute discretion:
– The correct Referral Code must be used in opening the Referral Account;
– A GTBank Naira MasterCard must be collected and activated by the Prospect;
– The Prospect must carry out at least one transaction on the Referral Account;
– The Referral Account must have been active for a minimum period of one (1)
month from the date it was opened. 

10. GTBank’s confirmation referred to in (9) above shall be final and binding on all Referrers, and no Referrer shall contest same.

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11. The conditions for redeeming the Cash Reward must be fulfilled within six (6) months from the date a Referrer introduces a Prospect to GTBank, after which the Referrer will forfeit the Cash Reward.

12. The Referrer hereby undertakes to indemnify the Bank and keep the Bank indemnified against any loss, cost, damage and/or liability (including attorney’s fees) and all other expenses incurred by the Bank, arising directly or indirectly from the Referrer’s introduction of any Prospect(s) to the Bank.

13. GTBank is entitled to, at its sole discretion and without notice to anyone whomsoever, change or modify these terms and conditions and shall not be liable for any such change or modification.

14. If one or more conditions of these terms and conditions are void or invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remaining conditions herein.

15. This Terms and Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


The GTBank iRefer program lets you earn little as 100 naira for every successful customers you bring to GTbank. So, you are valued, but, it becomes huge when you put numbers to use, i.e.

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