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How to Check MTN Night Plan Data Balance

MTN Night Data Plan is very cheap, but many users want to know to check the remaining night data plan balance. So the question here is “How can i check MTN Pulse Night data balance on my SIM?”

The answer is simply, below you will see the two methods of how to check your remaining MTN Night data plan balance.

The MTN Night Plan Data package is available only for MTN Pulse pre-paid customers, which offers over 500MB for just 50naira.

This package isimportant especially for Internet lovers who likes downloading, streaming music, vidoes and podcasts.

You can choose to cancel your MTN Night Plan anytime to avoid unnecessary airtime deduction.

MTN Pulse Nightlife data plan is certainly one of the cheapest ways to stay connected on the MTN network, it gives you a whopping 500MB for N50 Naira even though you have to stay up all night to make use of this internet bundle.

There is nothing more golden than a data plan that is under deep surveillance to know when to renew your bundle or what it exhaust. The whole point of this is to help those looking for how to check MTN Night data balance easily.

MTN has provided an easy fix to the problem of keeping track of your Nightlife data bundle. In the past, there was no way to check this and it’s quite frustrating keeping track of this by using the Data Usage tab from your mobile settings section.

Unlike like Airtel night browsing, there is no USSD code for checking your remaining data balance, but you can always try using this USSD codes, *559*96#.

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In this article, you will find the USSD code used in checking your midnight plan data balance.

Methods to check MTN Midnight Data balance

There is only one sure method to check the remaining data balance of your MTN Pulse MidNight data plan, which using the android data usage settings method.

Android Data usage setting method:

  1. Go to your phone settings (Smartphone devices).
  2. Select Network & Internet >> Data Usage then select Mobile Data Usage under MTN NG
    data usage settings

    data usage settings

    data usage settings
  3. Under Mobile data usage, you need to do is; Select billing cycle and choose a date. For example, let’s say I activated the plan on the 24th, I will select 24 as seen in the image below.
  4. Make sure you turn on the “set data warning” switch >> select data warning then set data size.
    Since I activate the 500MB for 25 Naira plan, I will simply set it to 500MB.
    NOTE: 500MB MTN Night plan ≅ 512MB
  5. Finally, turn on the data limit and set a data limit. This one allows you to not exceed a certain allotted data size.
    Let’s say you chose 512MB, your phone will turn off data once it reaches the limit of 512MB you’ve set. That way, you quickly know that you’ve used 512MB out of 512MB.

Check MTN Night Plan using USSD code method:

To check your MTN Pulse Nightlife bundle balance using code, simply dial *559*96#.

Note: This method is not comfirmed, but it is romoured to have been working for old SIM cards with number starting with the 070616****

How to Cancel MTN Night Plan Auto-renewal

To stop MTN Night data plan auto renewal, simply SMS ‘Stop Night‘ to 131.

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I understand how frustrating it is to get deducted because of an unplanned data plan purchases. This can be cancelled through SMS, Stop Night to 131.

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