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How to check my Airtel Number directly

For new users, it might take some time to remember their SIM number, especially when it not an easy airtel number combination. In case you have forgotten your airtel number or want to verify when giving someone so as not to cause damage or do not know your airtel number, you might want to get it. Here are the different ways to check your airtel number.

How to Check Airtel Number Using USSD Code

To check the number on your Airtel SIM card, dial *121*3*4# from your phone.

To manually go through self care USSD, which is a long way, dail *121#, then select Manage My Account [option 3]:

This is what you will see, which you are to select 4 [My Number]

  1. My data balance
  2. My Balance
  3. My Data Plan
  4. My Number
  5. My tariff Plan
  6. KYC status
  7. My Serial Number
  8. MY PUK

Other ways to check your Airtel Number

There are still other ways to check your airtel number, which i will be listing here.

NOTE: The *746# is an obsolete way of checking your Airtel Number and registartion day, which is, it is no longer functional as airtel has removed that USSD command from their valid commands.

Get your Number through calling

You can call your friend(s) or loved ones from your line and your number will appear on their device.

Q: What if i don’t have airtime to call?

Don’t worry, if you don’t have Airtime to call your friend dail **09044315[-][-][-]. That is, you just add ** (a double * sign in the front of the number). Doing that, you will make a flash call to your friend’s number, then you will be able to see your Number you are looking for.

Get your Number your SIM Pack

You can find your Airtel phone number on your Original Airtel SIM pack, you collected when you registered your line.

Q: What if i don’t have the SIM pack?

Then you must have the Airtel SIM card ready, now just dail *121*3*4# and your Airtel number will appear without delay.

Comments and Notes

This article you are about to read contains how to check Airtel number easily and fast using the USSD Code below!

Sometimes it might feel very awkward not remembering your phone number. This happens often when you newly acquired a SIM but after some time you abandoned it for another network. If you’ve ever been in such a situation, you would find it difficult to remember that phone number if you don’t cram or know it off-hand!

I have fallen into situations where I will have to provide my phone number for one or two purposes. And here in Nigeria, it’s difficult to rely on one SIM, I have as many as 2 SIMs one network… Imagine Mike having as many as two (2) sims for various network providers, one for internet modem/Mifi, one for phone etc.

Hehe!! sounds funny right?

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