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#Adsense: Google adsense approval guide – 100% working

It has been trending on how to get the Google adsense approval. Most people ask me what theme or temple or plugins or niche should i work with for Google adsense to approve my website? Today, i’ve compiled a list helpful guides to assist in your Google adsense approval journey.

Google adsense approval has become so demanding, i notified it when i annonouced my approval status in a blogger group on facebook. So i have made time to write on how i got my blog, freebrowsingeeks.com approved into the Google adsense program.

Requirement for Google adsense approval

To get the Google adsense approval successful, please follow this simple steps:

  1. Respect and implement the Google adsense publishers policies
  2. Make your website Navigateable and simple to access
  3. Avoid copied contents without restructing or editting them to your test
  4. Write very long contents but importantly, avoid repeated phrases in it (Very important).
  5. Get a Good and demanding niche.

Do and Don’t for Google adsense approval

Google adsense approval is most times machine decided (automatic), but it could be also verified by humans as well.

So, today, i’ll share the do and the do not of google adsense for easy, fast and long lasting google adsense account, so read carefully below.

Do of Google adsense: Adsense best practices

Google adsense best practises is simply following the Google adsense publisher policies even before approval and after adsense approval.

For full details of Google adsense publishers policies, best practices, follow this link https://support.google.com/publisherpolicies/answer/10400453

We’ll keep updating this page, so feel free to bookmark or save link for revisiting.


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