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How to Correctly Link Your NIN on any SIM

Questions on how to link NIN number to MTN, GLO, Airtel Nigeria and 9mobile numbers has been hitting me as a Tech Blogger in Nigeria. I’ve created this simple post to help those who are yet to link their NIN to their lines faster.

Note: You must have your NIN ready to be able to link it with your line.

Don’t have your NIN yet? Checkout the list of NIN enrollment centers closer to you to register and activate your NIN https://nimc.gov.ng/nimc-enrolment-centres

NIN Slip - National Identification Number

NIN Slip – National Identification Number

Your NIN can be found on your NIN Slip on the green spot i painted. Now, copy your NIN.

How to Link your NIN to your Number

We’ll share simple steps on how to link your National Identity Number to your mobile network in Nigeria to avoid disconnecting your mobile number (according to Government ban).

MTN NIN Code: How to link your NIN to your MTN Line

To link your NIN to your MTN number, dial *785*YOUR-NIN#. Do it done on your phone with your MTN number you want to link with your NIN.

For example: to link your NIN (123456789012) on your MTN line, dail *786*123456789012# with your MTN number in your phone.

NIN number is always 11 digits only and can be found on your NIN slip at the left top immediately after tracking id column.

GLO NIN Code: How to link your NIN to your GLO Line

To link your NIN to your Glo number dail, *109*YOUR-NIN#.

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You also can link your Glo number to your NIN by dailing *127# then select option 1 (NIN)

Link NIN with your Glo number using SMS

According to GLO, you can also link your NIN with your Glo line using SMS command.

Here is a general message to all NIN unlinked GLO numbers by Glo:

All our esteemed customers can now link their National Identification Number (NIN) to their mobile numbers by simply sending ‘UPDATENIN NIN FirstName LastName’ to 109.Globacom Nigeria

To link your GLO with your NIN (Sample NIN, 12345678901) , here is an example:

  1. Enter your SMS app and create a new message
  2. Type UPDATENIN 12345678901 DANIEL UKO
  3. Send to 109

DANIEL UKO is my name, where DANIEL is my Firstname and UKO is my Lastname(surname).

AIRTEL NIN Code: Steps to link your NIN to your Airtel Number

To link your NIN with your Airtel number dail  *121*1# on your phone.

You’ll see a popup to enter your NIN automatically, insert your NIN to complete your NIN linking.

9MOBILE NIN Code: How to link your NIN to your 9mobile SIM

To Link our 9mobile number to your NIN, open your dailer and dial *200*8#. Then, follow the popup to enter your NIN to complete the process.

FAQs on NIN Linking with your SIM

Based on users frequently asked questions about NIN and network linking, here is what we’ve gathered.

1. Whats is NIN?

NIN stands for National Identification Number.

Your NIN is used to tie together all digital records about you by the Nigeria government.

Demographic data, fingerprints, head-to-shoulder facial picture, other biometric data and digital signature – in the National Identity Database making it relatively easy to confirm and verify your identity when you engage in travels and transactions.https://nimc.gov.ng/nin-importance/

2. Benefits of NIN?

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It remains clear that it helps to fully identify you as a true Nigerian and every goodies that’s attached.

Benefits of NIN in Nigeria are:

3. How to register for NIN?

1. You can register your NIN at any NIMC enrolment center. Checkout the list of NIN enrollment centers closer to you here https://nimc.gov.ng/nimc-enrolment-centres

2. You can register your NIN at any network office like Glo, MTN, 9mobile or Airtel

3. Road-side accredited centers are also available for registering your NIN

4. How to check my NIN number?

You can check your NIN Slip, it has your 11 Digit Number at the top left corner, on the second row.

NIN Slip - National Identification Number

NIN Slip – National Identification Number

To check your NIN on your registered number, dial *346# and press 1 to retrieve your NIN.

5. What are the requirements for enrolment of NIN?

Requirements for NIN registration is just a mobile number for ages of 14 yrs and above only. For children, parents must be present.

You don’t need any special document or file to get started in registering your NIN. Just goto any center or network provider office to get your NIN registered.

6. What is the Deadline for NIN and SIM linking?

Deadline is due. See the message GLO sent to every unlinked GLO subscribers.

deadline for nin and sim linking is due

Deadline for NIN Linking to SIM is due

But, you can still link your NIN to your SIM on MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and 9mobile, just follow these guide https://freebrowsingeeks.com/how-to-link-your-nin-number/. Checkout the deadline details on the official NIN website NIMC website for more information on the new deadline.

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7. Do I need to link my number when I registered my SIM with National ID card that my NIN is on it?

Yes, you still need to. Please dial *785*Your 11 digit NIN# from the phone number you wish to link for MTN users.

8. Using *346# to check my registration status.

You will be charged 20 naira when they dial *346# to check your NIN registration status.

9. I have lost my NIN slip, how can I obtain another one?

Please visit any bank around you, pay a token of 500 naira through REMITA, provide your REMITA Teller to any ERC (NIN enrolment center) near you and request for a NIN slip print.

10. Will my line be blocked if my NIN is not linked?

Yes if Block and Disconnected sounds the same to you.

According to the NCC directive, telecoms subscribers yet to register for NIN and those yet to link their NIN to their lines will be disconnected if not done within the stipulated period.

11. How do I get notified when my NIN is ready after enrolment?

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) will communicate this to you after your enrollment, which takes over 3 months. For faster enrolment and activation, visit a major NIMC office, make a payment of 1,000 naira only and get activated faster to use your NIN for linking and other activities.

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