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Get The “Call Me Back” Codes for MTN, 9mobile, Airtel and GLO

Interestingly, How to send please call me back for MTN and Airtel are still trending. Without airtime, sending SMS is hard, but with Call me back codes, you can send unlimited number of SMS to your loved ones for free or request for something from them.

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Send Free “Please, call me back” SMS Codes

Get started with steps on how to send the “Please call me back” SMS for free on any network in Nigeria.

How to Send “Call Me back” SMS on MTN

Follow our simple steps below to easily send a Call Me Back SMS from your MTN line.

  1. Open your Dailer, then dial *133#
  2. Enter Reciever’s Number
  3. Select your preferred Call me back pre-defined SMS:
    • 1. Call me
    • 2. Call me back. I love you
    • 3. Send me credit
    • 4. Call me. I have gist for you
    • 5. Call me. I need your assistance

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Ones selected, That’s all😎! The MTN CallBack service has gotten a new shine to it and you no longer need to memorize the long codes you are used to, huge thanks to MTN.

The MTN “Please, call me back” service can only be used to SMS MTN lines only, with USSD as *133#

The MTN Call Me Back service is free but NOT limited. You can now send unlimited number of Please, call me back SMS daily on the MTN network. MTN places short advertisments below the SMS.

Steps to Send “Please, call me back” SMS on GLO

Glo just like other telecom in Nigeria has their please call me back services. But it’s limited in a day.

To send a Please call me back SMS on GLo, dial *125*RECEIVER’S NUMBER#.

Example: to send free SMS to 09059XXXXXX just dail *125*09059XXXXXX#. Your Receiver must be a GLO User/subscriber.

The GLO free SMS (Please, call me back) is linited to 5times a day only to Glo subscribers.

Using *125*09059683804#

please, call me back sms code

To get what you just saw in the image above, just dail *125#, that’s is not recommended to just dail *125#, you must included a receiver’s number to complete the please, call me back sms request.

How to Send “Please, call me back” SMS on 9mobile

Unlike other networks, 9mobile has her own way of “Call me Back” SMS sending. There are special ways of sending these type of SMS on 9mobile.

Lookout the below and choose your prefered message type to send.

To send a “Please, Call Me Thank You” on 9mobile, dial *266*1*RECEIVER’S NUMBER#

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To send a “Please, Call Me I Landed Safely” on 9mobile dial *266*2*RECEIVER’S NUMBER#

To send “Please, Call Me, I Am Now Available” on 9mobile dial *266*3*RECEIVER’S NUMBER#

To send “Call Me Back, It’s An Emergency” on 9mobile dial *266*4*RECEIVER’S NUMBER#

Bear in mind that you can only send these codes not more than 5 times daily and it’s meant to be sent only to 9mobile numbers.

How to Send Free “Please, call me back” SMS on Airtel

To reach your loved one or friend on Airtel without airtime credit available, simple put # in front of your caller’s number and dail it. Example to call any Airtel number, say 0701XXXXXXX just put # in front like this: #0701XXXXXXX and dail it. This will give a flash to your caller.

But to continue the guide on how to send a Please call me back on Airtel Nigeria, follow this simple guide:

Dial *140*RECIPIENT NUMBER# to send Please Call Me Back on Airtel

To send Pls Credit Me on Airtel simply dial *141*8*RECIPIENT NUMBER#

Whether you’re asking for a credit or asking for a callback, those codes will surely give you what you asked for on Airtel so goodluck.

You cannot exceed a daily limit of 5 times. Which means; you cannot send more than 5 Airtel Call Me Back message per day.

With all the USSD Codes to send a FREE Please, call me back SMS on MTN, GLO, Airtel Nigeria and 9mobile, hope you found yours. Having any suggestions or complaint that we can help? Use our comment box below.

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