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How to share data Glo to Glo

Unlike other networks that share only specified amount of data on request, Glo allows an almost forever data sharing feature.

How to share Glo data to another Glo subscriber

The process involves just dailing *127*01*GLO_NUMBER#. We still have several metthods of running the share data services, like from their online portal, USSD, both long and short means and so on.

Share Glo data plan between Glo numbers using USSD

As stated earlier on on how to share your glo data subscription with another Glo subscriber, which involves 127 followed by the asteris * 01 followed by another asteris and the Glo number you want to share your active data plan with and finally hash(#).

We have two (2) means here, which is the short and the long way.

The most easiest way to share Glo data plan subscription from Glo to Glo number, dail *127*01*0811010[-][-][-][-]#. Then wait to receive a confirmation message for your successful sharing of your glo data subscription.

Have a look at this picture, a screenshot from my device, regarding the message sent to me on my successful data plan sharing to one of my friend.

Glo data sharing message of success.

The long way/method to share glo data plan is by following the *777# USSD self care portal, which allows you to run, maintain and obtain info of your account.

To begin sharing your glo data, dail *777# > select Buy Data [option 1] > select Share Data Plan [option 3] > Share [option 1] > Please enter subscriber’s number: (Enter the number you want to give acces to your data plan)

After doing the above long method, you will see a message like this:

Your request for Data sharing has been sent

Glo Data Sharing

Take a look at this images to get the full understanding of how to do a glo data plan sharing with your loved ones and/or friends.

Using this long method, you will be requested to wait while they process the sharing service, and you are likely to see this message from them:

You request for data sharing has been sent

Glo data service

Then within seconds, like 5 – 15seconds you will be prompt with the message of successfully sharing your data plan:

You have successsfully share you paln with 23481*. You can also GIFT a data plan. To gift a data plan, visithsi.glo.com or simply dial *777#

Glo data service

Share Glo data plan between Glo numbers using their Online method

1. This method is simpe and staright forward. But this time, you have to visit your selfcare portal => hsi.glo.com.

Note: You will be redirected to hsi.glo.com/HSISelfCarePortal/ This portal as no SSL installed(not secured). which means your use of this site is not encrypted and so, it can be viewed, accessed or even modified by others.

2. Visit hsi.glo.com with your browser, from your device(where you have the data plan Glo SIM card)

3. You will find the subscription you are currently on, click on the Share it button.

4. On the Plans tab, locate the input field where you write the Glo number you want to share your active data plan with, then click the Plus(+) button next to the field after wirting the number.

5. Click on the confirm box, that Yes, you accept to share your active data lan with the number you provided.

Things to Know about Glo data sharing feature

The glo data sharing feature is one among the best feature globacom network has ever developed that is stunning, charming and awesome, expecially to tech minded geeks like me.

But it has it cons/disadvantage when someone misuses this feature, like sharing someone’s data when he or she is unaware and the recipient keeps enjoying the shared data for as long as they wish.

Here are some things to note while running a Glo data sharing feature with another Glo subscriber

How many number can i share my Glo data with

As many as you wish. For there is no specified amount of subscribers you can add to share your data plan.

Which data plan can i share

You can share apparently all data plans including the free NYakata data plan.

But, nevertheless, you can not share any N100 data plan and below, as there are rejected for sharing by Glo.

Shared data priority

If you have made a data share to a Glo subscriber, that subscriber data will have your data plan set to priority one.

What does this me – data priority?

If you Subscriber A shares his data plan to subscriber B, lets say a 500naira data plan and also subscriber B is running on a personal data plan of 1,000naira, then when Subscriber B is browsing, he is automatically using Subscriber A‘s data plan(the 500naira data plan). Which until Subscriber A data plan finishes, Subscriber B will not use his data yet.

Auto-sharing and Future Data use case

Well i don’t know how to give this path a good and descriptive heading, that is why you have to read it here well.

The point is, If i share my data plan and it expires, when i do another data plan, will the number i already shared my initial data plan with still use the new data purchased?

The answer is YES!!! His usage is infinity until you remove the number(s) from sharing your data plan.

How to Check how many people are sharing my Data

Sometimes is wise that you keep record of this list of numbers sharing your glo data, especially when you have a geek friend also.

To check how many glo subscribers who are sharing your glo data plan, simply dial *127*00#

How do i remove a number from sharing my data plan

Ok, maybe you are now aware of an unwanted person sharing your glo data subscription or you are tired of sharing your data plan, just dial *127*02*NUMBER#. Unlike the sharing where we use, 01, here you will be using 02 follwed by the number of the subscriber that is in your list of peoples your are sharing data for/to.

This can also be done on your selfCare portal, which only requires you to click the remove symbol:

How to remove a glo number from sharing my data plan using the online self care portal

Conclusions and comments

Glo data sharing has a way to go and has brought great promises to Glo data world where families and/or friends can share even more better and easier.

PS: Do not share your internet access with an unknow individual, there can simply visit the hsi.glo.com on their computer to gain access to your data control features.

Have a question? Comment below, we can help you out or better still call the Glo customer care for support on 121 or 200. It is completely free to talk to a customer care. You can also use this line to phone them @ 0805 002 0121 for other networks, use +2348050020200

Contact Glo customer care via Email at customercare@gloworld.com or visit their official webiste at www.gloworld.com there can support you throughout any issues of complaint regarding your data plan and the sharing features.

Thanks for reading.

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