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Airtel Credit Transfer: How to transfer Airtel credit

Airtel Credit Transfer: Airtel Me2U – All you need to know on How to transfer Airtel credit from one line to another.

Airtel offers the opportunity for it customers to share recharge card credits amongst themsleves – sharing love. This Airtel great feature is called Airtel Me2U.

There are times when you will want to transfer airtime on Airtel to yourself, your friends, family members, and in the heat of the moment, you get stuck and terrified of what to do.

Not to long ago when i discovered how to perfectly transfer airtime on Airtel from one airtel line to the other. Well after discovering the Airtel Me2U, it was great and i enjoyed it.

With that, I was able to sell and send some to family and friends without stress, then decided to share it here with you guys.

Requirements to Transfer Airtel Airtime

With the following tutorials, step by step guidelines on how to transfer airtime on airtel successfully, you wouldn’t have to face that moment again.

The requirements are simple, you will need the following:

Thanks to the Airtel Me2U credit transfer code, you can transfer Airtime (credit) on Airtel to Airtel in a single quick dial-up. The second-most used telecom network in the country, Airtel Nigeria is very fast and efficient to render its service.

As a matter of fact, you can’t transfer airtime on Airtel to MTN.

Currently, it isn’t supported, but you can try selling your Airtel airtime to third-party with an interest, you can choose to either receive the money on another network or via your bank.

What is Airtel Me2u Credit Transfer Code

The Airtel Credit transfer code, usually called Airtel Me2U is *432#. With the credit transfer code, you can transfer airtime from one airtel number to another. You can also change the Airtel transfer PIN using the *432# credit transfer code.

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We have already introduced you to the Airtel me2u code, but here is a more detailed explanation. With Airtel Me2U, you can share or transfer your airtime with friends and loved ones.

Fortunately, all Airtel prepaid customers are eligible for this service, all Airtel prepaid tariff plans are allowed and you can transfer limited times every time, as there is no limitation.

The Airtel transfer code or service is totally free of charge, and there is no limitation to the amount you can transfer in a day, a week, or in a month. Airtel confirmed that “This service is applicable for Airtel to Airtel subscribers.”

Airtel Nigeria also said you can earn an extra 4% when you buy airtime of N20,000 and above through the self-care app and share with customers using Me2U. Here are the benefits of using the Airtel me2u transfer code:

a. No service fee.

b. No limitation on the number of transactions.

c. No limitation on the amount that can be transferred

d. No subscription or step up required.

Airtel Me2U transfer PIN

It is with the transfer PIN you can make transfer/sharing of your airtime.

The default Airtel Me2U transfer PIN is 1234. If you are just using the Airtel Me2U, you must need this default PIN to change to your desired PIN, using this procedure below.

How to Change Airtel Me2U Transfer PIN

How to change the Airtel 1234 default transfer pin use the below steps.

NoteL If you have already changed your Me2U transfer PIN earlierm then you need must need the initial PIN to be able to change.

Airtel transfer pin default pin is 1234. Changing your PIN, you will need to follow this steps:

Goto Message and type in this format: PIN Default PIN New PIN New PIN to 432 i believe you already the default PIN, which is 1234 as mentioned earlier.

For example, i want to change my PIN to 2342 so this is how i will type the message:

PIN 1234 2342 2342 which i will now send to 432 then wait for network response.

Transfering Airtime or credit from your Airtel to another subscriber on Airtel is quick, but that does not mean you don’t a unique 4-digit pin, and you have to learn how to get yours.

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But before we get down to the actual procedures, you must note that all registered prepaid Airtel lines come with 1234 as their default transfer PIN. Airtel does not allow subscribers to use this as a personal transfer pin.

Please don’t ask why, you should be able to guess it by now. For starters, the default 1234 Airtel transfer isn’t advisable to use, and Airtel doesn’t give it a go-ahead because someone can easily guess and use it to transfer your own money.

To make it simple, imagine every Guarantee Trust Bank account holder in the country is using a compulsory 1234 as its ATM pin for all customers.

There must be fraud every right? But making it a default pin can now give you the ability to change it to a unique non-guessable 4-digit code, which can be only decoded in one trillion guesses.

Back to Airtel, you must change the Airtel me2u transfer pin before you will be able to use the ME2U service.

How to change Airtel me2u transfer pin using Airtel menu services

How to change Airtel me2u transfer pin

There is another way of changing your transfer pin using the Airtel menu on your device:

*. Go to the Airtel menu

*. Click on Airtel Services

*. Select My Airtel Account

*. Select Me2u

*. Tap on Change Password

*. Enter your current password, and tap OK

*. Then enter your new password, and tap OK. That is it.

Airtel transfer pin change password on Airtel menu services

Note: This service is free of charge, as you really don’t have to pay for it.

How to Transfer Airtime on Airtel

There are different ways of transferring or sending airtime/credit from Airtel to Airtel.

Using the Airtel me2u code, you can quickly transfer credit from your Airtel to another customer who is also on the Airtel network. Probably, it may be your other SIM card, friend, or family member.

Airtel Credit transfer using USSD code

On your mobile phone using Airtel, follow the below procedures:

In a shorter way to quickly transfer airtime from Airtel to Airtel, dial *432*Airtel Number *AMOUNT#.

Airtel Credit transfer using Airtel Menu

Go to Airtel menu services and follow up the settings below:

  1. Tap on Airtel Services
  2. Select My Airtel Account
  3. Click on the Me2u tab
  4. Select Send Airtime Credit
  5. Inside the Send Naira Empty box, enter the amount to send and tap OK
  6. Enter the recipient phone number inside the box of Send to number and tap OK
  7. Now enter your Password (transfer pin) and tap OK
  8. A pop-up will appear for you to confirm Send Airtime Credit, tap OK and that is it.

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That is it, within a few seconds, you will receive a notification “SMS charged at N 0.00…” and in another second, you will receive a confirmation that the money has been sent. On the other end, the receiver will also receive the amount immediately.

Airtel Credit transfer using SMS

Fortunately, you can easily and quickly transfer airtime/credit on your Airtel SIM to another Airtel using the SMS option, follow the below step by steps guide to doing that:

simply Open your message box and type in this format: 2u Phone Number Amount PIN to 432

Example, using SMS: 2u 070169XXXXX 200 2342 to 432.

That is it, when you transfer PIN is 2342 and you are sending #200 to this Airtel number 070169XXXXX.

Now after the message, you are to wait for the successful confrimation message of transfer, but in some cases it can return a negative message.

What if it returns a negative message?

Yes! then it must be that:

  1. Wrong Transfer PIN
  2. Low or to high Amount of transfer, because it has limit.

So you can check it to confirm.

Before you dare to send airtime or credit from your Airtel to Airtel, please:

Conclusion and Notes

Airtel Me2U transfer feature is great to speed love among Airtel subscribers. It is easy to implement and completely free to use as well.

Important Note: Do not disclose your transfer pin to someone, especially when you usually have a lot of airtime and data on your Airtel SIM card.

Ask customer care

You must learn how to cross-check, re-check the person’s phone number for confirmation because you can’t reverse this message when sent. That means you can’t just call Airtel and tell them to cancel.

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