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How to Transfer Airtel Data: Using Artiel Me2U Data Transfer Code

With Airtel you can share or gift a data plan with family and friends across mutiple Airtel devices. In this guide, we will answer questions like me2u airtel code, airtel me2u data code, airtel data me2u, data me2u airtel, airtel transfer pin code, airtel me2u data, data me2u, airtel data me2u code, how to recover my forgotten airtel data me2u pin, e.t.c.

Airtel Me2U is a feature in Airtel that allows one to share or gift data from one Airtel SIM to another.

how to transfer data on airtel

Methods to Transfer Data from Airtel to Airtel

There are 2 methods Airtel users can transfer data, which are:

You must have a Personal Identification Number, PIN to execute a data transfer successfully. To do so, dail *141*1# then follow the prompts.

Method 1: Data Me2U Transfer Code

Using Airtel Me2U, you can transfer your Data volume from your Airtel line to another Airtel line.

Things to note on the Airtel Data sharing:

How to Transfer Airtel Data using Me2U Code

For all active Airtel subscribers, to share your Airtel data,use this code *141*6*4*2#

Now, if you have purchased a 1.5GB Monthly, you can transfer 500MB or more to another Airtel customer using the above code format.

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To transfer data from Airtel to another Airtel number simply dail *141*6*4*2*RECIEVER-NUMBER*AMOUNT-OF-DATE*PIN#

For example, you want to transfer data of 500MB to your friend with Airtel number, 07016000000 (which your airtel Me2U transfer PIN is already set to 2733) dail *141*6*4*2*09016000000*500*2733#.

Alternatively, to share your Airtel data follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *141#
  2. Select option 6. Gifting & Sharing
  3. Select option 4. Data Me2U, then
  4. Select option 2. Send Me2u from exiting allowance
  5. On prompt, enter the reciever number and amount as required
  6. Finally, input your Airtel Me-2-U transfer PIN

On successful, you will recieve a confirmation message for your data transaction. If you don’t have PIN for Airtel Me2U, please continue reading below.

How to change your Airtel Data Sharing PIN

To change your Airtel data sharing PIN from the default 1234 to your unique 4 digit PIN follow the below guide:

  1. Dail *141*6*1#,
  2. Enter your PIN (For new customers, your default PIN is 1234)
  3. Enter New PIN (Unique and secret PIN for use by you only) and lastly,
  4. Confirm New PIN (by entering same PIN you used in step 3.

In some cases if above steps fails, you can follow the procedure here by:

  1. Ddailing *141#
  2. Select option 6. Data sharing & Gifting
  3. Select option 1. Change PIN (Default PIN – 1234)
  4. Type in your New PIN
  5. Confirm your New PIN.

The above guides should be used for new and old Airtel customers you want to change their Data sharing PIN.

Method 2: Airtel Data Gifting (buy 4 Me) Code

Data gifting which is another cool method of data sharing for Airtel subscribers, allows Airtel customer to buy a data bundle plan for another customer by paying with thier own airtime or cash purchase.

Benefits of Airtel Data Gifting Feature

  1. No subscription or step up required
  2. No service fee
  3. No limitation on number of transactions a day
  4. No limitation on amount that can be transferred per day

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For example, if your friend/family runs out of data, you can just buy another data plan for the person either from your Airtime or other payment means.

How to Send Data on Airtel using Data Gifting

Airtel data gifting is a feature on Airtel worth trying, to do so, please follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *141#
  2. Select the option 6. Gifting & Sharing
  3. Select option 2. Data Gifting, then
  4. You will be prompt with the options to choose the Package you wish to gift and canbe either monthly, weekly or mega plans.
  5. Confirm your Activaction by pressing 1.
  6. Enter Recipient’s number
  7. Enter your PIN ✔

The Amount is charged from your Airtel Airtime balance, so make sure to have airtime worth the package you’re gifting.

For example, to gift an Airtel number 07016000000 with 1.5GB which costs 1,000 naira, simple follow the steps below:

  1. Dail *141#
  2. Select option 6
  3. Select 2
  4. Choose Package Duration (in our case Monthly)
  5. Choose the 1.5GB for 1000 naira
  6. press 1 (to confirm)
  7. Enter the recipient Number (In our case, 09016000000)
  8. Then, enter your Data sharing or Data Gifting PIN

Questions mostly asked by airtel subscribers on Data Gifting includes:

How many times can i gift a data? Unlimited times.

What data bundle can i gift? All data bundle on weekly, monthly and Mega pack bundles.

Is Airtel Data Gifting Auto-renew? Yes, it is autorenewed, ones the Reciever finishes the gifted data, your airtime will be deducted again for the re-fill until you disble auto-renew.

Will the Recipient pay for the Data? As mentioned, it’s a gift, the recipient is not paying for the gifted data, you are ones you initiate the transaction successfully.

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What is the Period of the Gifted Data? Based on which data bundle purchased( that is, if you are been gifted data from a monthly data package, then it will expire on a monthly standard.

This content on this page is subject to change, as to regarding our update when we find out that Airtel network has made changes how there run their Data sharing feature. You can also follow airtel nigeria on www.airtel.com.ng for more updates regarding their products

How to check available Data Balance on Airtel is by dailing *140#

Conclusions on Airtel Data Transfer

In summary, we have 2 methods to transfer data on Airtel to another Airtel line, using the Airtel Me2U feature and Data gifting.

The default Airtel Data sharing PIN is 1234 and canbe changed by dailing *141*6*1#. Next, enter your OLD/Default PIN, then enter NEW PIN and confirm it.

There is no limit to how much data you can gift on Airtel Data Gifting service, but on Airtel Data sharing, you can transfer a minimum of 50MB and a maximum of 200MB per person per day. You can share data with a maximum of 2 recipients daily. This means that you can share a maximum of 200MB each with 2 recipients daily.

What data bundle plans are available for Data Me2U?  The regular data bundle plans – Weekly/Daily Bundles, Monthly Bundles and Mega Packs.

A PIN is required for Data sharing and Data gifting.

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