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How to Transfer Airtime on Glo – Glo Recharge Transfer Guides

Using Glo and want to transfer recharge card balance (Airtime balance) from your Glo number to another Glo number, then using the Glo EasyShare code helps you do that faster and safer.

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Glo EasyShare is the feature that lets any active Glo subscriiber share their airtime balance with another subscriber for free. But, to be able to start an airtime transfer, you must first register the Glo EasyShare feature (for new users only). If you have your glo airtime transfer PIN, you are good to go.

Steps on How to Transfer Glo Airtime

As mentioned earlier, to be able transfer airtime on Glo, you must first change the default Glo transfer PIN, from 00000 to your preferred 5 secret PIN. So now, how to change Glo Transfer PIN?


Step 1. Change your Glo Airtime Transfer PIN (For first-time use)

For Glo customers who are new to the airtime transfer (EasyShare) feature, you must change the default transfer PIN. Glo EasyShare or airtime transfer default PIN is 00000.

In some cases, Glo customers can still make the airtime transfers without changing their default EasyShare transfer PIN

To reset or change your Glo airtime transfer PIN dail *132*DEFAULT*NEWPIN*NEWPIN#. Where DEFAULT means your initial Glo transfer PIN, if it’s your first time, your default PIN is 00000 (Zero, 5 times), while the NEWPIN means the 5 secret PIN you have choosen.

For example, my Glo airtime transfer default PIN is 00000 and i want to change it to 39530, i’ll dail *132*00000*39530*39530#.

If you did that correctly you’re going to get a confirmation message that it has been changed or created successfully.

Step 2. Use the Glo Transfer Code to Send Airtime

To transfer airtime on Glo to glo dial *131*RECIEVER*AMOUNT*PIN#. Where RECIEVER is the Glo number of the person recieving the airtime, while AMOUNT is the airtime volume you want to send (minimum amount to transfer on glo airtime is 100 naira). PIN means your 5 digit secret code called Personal Identification Number.

For example, to transfer 500 naira Glo airtime from your balance to another glo number 09059683804, while your transfer PIN is 39530, dail  *131*09059683804*500*39530# once the transfer is successful you’ll get a message confirming your transfer.

If you might have mistakenly exposed your PIN or you suspect an unusual activity in your Glo recharge balance, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Glo EasyShare allows you to change your PIN anytime and any amount of time. To change your Glo transfer, follow the instructions on Step 1.

FAQs on Glo Airtime Transfer

We have gathered questions relating to Glo transfers by verified Glo subscribers.

How to Recover my Glo Airtime Transfer PIN?

I forgot my Glo transfer PIN, What is the code to recover the PIN?

You can’t recover your transfer PIN, you can request a new PIN. To request a new PIN follow the below guides:

  1. You must have your Glo SIM data (Your correct details used during registration of your Glo SIM)
  2. Dail 121 to connect customer care
  3. Reachout to live representative and request a new PIN of your Glo airtime transfer (EasyShare)
  4. Your PIN will be reset to default ones you pass the questions the customer care representative asked.
  5. Now, follow the steps to change your PIN by dailing *132*DEFAULT*NEWPIN*NEWPIN#

Can I Transfer Glo Airtime to another Network?

Questions like How to transfer Glo airtime to MTN, How to transfer Glo airtime to Airtel, How to transfer Glo airtime to 9mobile or How to transfer Glo airtime to Etisalat? Keeps coming and here are the answers.

There is no way to Transfer your Glo Airtime to another network. The only way which isn’t direct is my converting the Airtime to Cash, then converting the cash back to the desired network.

Conclusion on How to Transfer Glo Airtime

Code to transfer airtime on glo to glo is *131*RECIEVER*AMOUNT*PIN#

if you are new to Glo airtime transfers, you must change your default Glo Airtime transfer code and to do that, dail *132*DEFAULT*NEWPIN*NEWPIN#

The minimum airtime to transfer per user per time is 100 naira

Glo recharge card balance transfer using official site

Presently there is no way of running method with their website as i contacted a customer support center through thier online web support system at promotions.gloworld.com or visit Glo official webiste for more info and enquiries @ gloworld.com

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