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iPhone dark mode: Guide to activate dark mode on iPhone

Activating darkmode on your iPhone is now trending since all technologies wants to implement this design in their online and offline digital products. Android version has darkmode readily available and iPhone rolled out theirs as well.

Dark mode has been so much in-demand from users of social networks, blogs and even video streaming portals, so iphone’s isn’t left out to making her users activate the DARKMODE on their iphones as well.

Follow this simple guide to get darkmode feature working on your iPhone in favour of your eyes to gain high ray stress management. πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚

Activate Darkmode on iPhone from settings

Follow the steps below to do this through the settings app on your iPhone.

  • Open your iPhone settings app.
  • Tap the Display & Brightness option from the list.
  • Under the Appearance section, select the Dark option. Once you do this, the background of your iPhone goes dark and the icons and text are light.
    iphone darkmode

Putting iPhone in Dark Mode From Control Center is simple, just identify the icon and click.

Tap on the dark mode icon to immediately activate dark modeiphone-darkmode-settings

Dark modes are a great idea in low-light environments or at night. It’s available with numerous social media platforms e.g Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, e.t.c, and also a number of FinTech apps and others. Users now steadily request a dark mode option on their favorite apps.

The iPhone darkmode feature isn’t available for less class iPhone like 6 plus. Share with friends who love using darkmode features.

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