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Latest Strong Decoders & prices in Nigeria, Ghana & SA

Get an updated list of Latest Strong Decoders Models & Prices to Watch free-to-air channels for Free.

Strong decoders are one of the most outstanding satellite decoders collectors in Nigeria and the whole Africa district. There are the entirely reasonable and strong as their name suggests.

Strong decoders is perhaps the best option in contrast to DSTv decoder since it’s more affordable to keep up with in terms of subscriptions and repair basis.

Something intriguing with regards to Strong Decoder is that it’s a Free-To-Air decoder loaded with fascinating channels that could get you rolling on a daily basis.

In Africa, Strong Decoder is known as the best FTA decoder, as it stands apart in light of its cost and highlights.

In this Strong Decoder Guide In Nigeria, I will show you where to purchase strong decoder, the most recent cost of strong decoder, FTA channels of Strong decoder, how to watch DStv channels for nothing on Strong decoder and how to contact Strong decoder Nigeria.

Latest Strong Decoder Models & Prices

I realize you may be so energetic and which to rush off and proceed to purchase Strong decoder.

Notwithstanding, prior to doing that, I recommend you read through this post, so you will gain proficiency with the various models of Strong decoder and their costs.

First thing to note as we proceed is that Strong decoder has various models, and every one of them has been assigned with SRT and four-digit code.

Subsequently, the highlights of Strong decoder concedes, as do their costs. Recorded beneath is the diverse most recent Strong decoders and their costs in a rising request, that is from low to high.

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We have gathered a list of latest Strong decoders and their models. Checkout below:

  1. SRT 7010
  2. SRT 7408
  3. SRT 7510
  4. SRT 7600
  5. XtraTV STB v1
  6. SRT 7806 latest model

1. Strong SRT 7010


With the Strong SRT 7010 you get to receive all the TNT channels and radios available by satellite and benefit from many features with this Free-To-Air HD satellite decoder by StrongHD company!

latest strong decoder models

Model Name: SRT 7010

The Strong decoder model SRT 7010 in Nigeria is between ₦23,999 — 24,999.00

The Strong decoder model SRT 7010 in Ghana is  GH₵ 360.02

Strong decoder SRT 7010 is lucky among the latest on our list although it was released late last year, but it still carries loaded features that might interest lovers of Strong decoders.

Enjoy the quality signals, HD format images and easy setup it comes along with.

2. Strong SRT 7408

The Strong ST 7408 new satellite decoder, allows it’s users to enjoy TV channels in HD via TNTSAT as well as Free-To-Air TV and radio programmes via satellite ASTRA 19.2°E. SRT 7408 is equipped with a USB port for recording of TV programmes.

latest strong decorder models

Model Name: SRT 7408

The price range of the new Strong SRT 7408 in Nigeria is ₦25,500 — 28,000.00

The strong SRT 7408 price in Ghana is around GH₵382.52

This model is the most well-known in 2021 of the latest refreshed decoders from Strong HD decoders in Nigeria and other west africa areas since it’s modest and high in signal strength.

3. Strong SRT 7510

The HD recipient SRT 7510 without smartcard for the gathering of Austrian projects, offers you satellite TV at its best!

latest strong decoder SRT 7510
Model Name: SRT 7510

The price range of the new Strong SRT 7510 in Nigeria is ₦26,500 — 31,000.00

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The strong SRT 7510 price in Ghana is around GH₵388.50 430.00

This model, SRT 7510 is the most stunning of the rundown of best and most recent Strong decoders comes 2021, on the grounds that, it conveys no smartcard. which implies it’s cardless but then offers allowed to air channels.

You can attempt or prescribe this decoder to companions, family, friends and family and clients with a full assurance of it serving at its best.

4. Strong SRT 7600

The strong SRT 7600 is a new strong decoder model. The most ideal decision for gathering of the total Xtra TV or Viasat TV scope of satellite stations. Brilliant pictures and sound joined with superb highlights.

latest strong decoder models
Model Name: SRT 7600

The price range of the new Strong SRT 7600 in Nigeria is ₦28,500 — 31,300.00

The strong SRT 7600 price in Ghana is around GH₵332.52 425.01

The Strong decoder SRT 7600 is truly outstanding among the most recent of generally Strong decoders. It works at its most extreme.

Appears to be strong truly accomplished an incredible work on this model, SRT 7600, up till now, individuals who I introduced this decoder for has seen marvelous quality from Strong HD decoders.

You can check it out and see with your own eyes. This model can be gotten anyplace in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and past at an extremely low cost of beneath ₦30,000 inside Nigeria Strong HD decoders sellers.

5. XtraTV STB v1

This the second latest and strongest Strong decoder on our rundown of best and most recent strong decoders suggested for use.

latest strong decorder models

Albeit this is above all else XtraTv STB model series and there is need careful of what it can do. It isn’t normal for fixes in Satellite decoders fix road/shop engineers, so use or buy carefully.

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Model Name: XtraTV STB v1

The price range of the new Strong XtraTV STB v1 in Nigeria is ₦32,000 — 33,000.00

The Strong XtraTV STB v1 price in Ghana is around GH₵480.03 481.56

Get free access to Xtra TV pay TV channels via satellite. With excellent features and convenience.

Other latest Strong decoders are:

1. Strong SRT 7806

This is the best and the first on our list of latest Strong decoders. This is the best in terms of strongness, speed, signal receiver strength and the other benefits you can think of.

Model Name: SRT 7806

The price range of the new Strong SRT 7806 in Nigeria is ₦24,000 — 25,900.00

The Strong SRT 7806 price in Ghana is around GH₵360.02 366.50

The best collector for the HD+ bundle. Benefit from USB playback of records, 6 most loved records and 20 clocks.

This is the end rundown of Strong Decoders most recent 2021. Pondering where to get this items? These Strong decoders canbe bought from any Strong decoders vendors in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Cameroon, Togo, e.t.c. or on the other hand essentially contact the Strong HD decoder head workplaces in your state to acquire one for yourself.

How to Contact Strong Decoder Nigeria for Latest Strong Decoders

If you wish to contact Strong Decoder Solutions in Nigeria, you can do so with the following Strong decoder Nigeria contact details below.

StrongHD Head Office Address:

Plot 746, IDU Industrial Area, Phase 1, Abuja

StrongHD phone contact numbers are:

+234 803 659 6590

+234 803 659 6591


You can reachout to strongHD for strong latest decoders using their phone/mobile numbers and also for legit inquiries.


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