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MTN Cheapest data plans: 9GB + 4GB

MTN Cheapest data plan costs 9GB for N2000, but it cannot be obtained using the normal way you may know. You can download, stream the internet with the 9GB data.

MTN is blazing with meaningful data plans,recently with their introduction of 2.5GB for just N500 two day data plan.

MTN has recently launched a double data bonus bundle which gives it subscribers a whopping 9GB for N2000 plus free 4GB🙄for YouTube video streaming. This plan is valid for one month (30 days)😃

MTN  and other network providers in Nigeria has have been introducing super cheap data plans especially with double data offers. You can find a list of Cheap data plans here, ranging from daily, weekly and monthly plans.

While we are demanding for more and better data plans to keep us online, Nigeria telecomm network providers are gradually trying to put smile in the face of subscribers especially with double data offers.

Here we will write down a list of MTN data plans that are cheap with high data volume values with daily, weekly and monthly validity periods.

MTN 9GB for N2000: Cheapest Monthly Data Plan 

The MTN mega deals monthly data plan is the cheapest of all MTN data bundles. It gives 9GB of data volume😉 with an extra 4GB free for YouTube video streaming💯.

So instead of 4.5GB you regularly get with N2000 Naira, you now get 9GB for same N2000, thanks to MTN double data bonus

This plan is one of the best data plans available on MTN official mobile app called “MyMTN app”.

To get this data on your SIM card (whether old or new SIM) you need to download the MyMTN app and follow the instructions you will see as you scroll further in this post.

Also, with MTN double data bonus, you get 1.5GB for just N500 instead of the regular 750mb for same 500 Naira.

You see the reason why you should grab this opportunity with both hands.

The good news is you can also activate this plan with USSD code for those that don’t want to install the app.

Therefore if your regular 1.5GB for N1000 monthly data plan is not enough for you, then this 9GB for N2000 should be just enough for you. You can also get 1.5GB for just N500 thanks to double data bonus.

MTN data plans- cheapest

The interesting part of these data is that it can be used on any device that supports internet with no restrictions.

It powers all applications and doesn’t zap like Airtel data.

How to Get MTN 9GB for N2000

To activate or subscribe to this plan, follow these guidelines.

Activate MTN N2000 for 9GB + 4GB with USSD Code

If you don’t have a smartphone to get the official MyMTN app, you can simply use the MTN USSD code which is even more faster.

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Open your phone failed and follow the steps below to activate MTN 9GB cheap data plan:

Things to know about MTN cheapest data plan

Get information about the newly released MTN data plan which is valued at 9GB plus 4GB (13GB) of data volume.

Validity of the 9GB for 2000 naira

The data plan can last for 30 days, i.e. 1 month.

Benefits of this plan

One of the best advantages of this plan is that you will enjoy free YouTube video streaming.

Another benefit is you get even more value of data for N2000.

Also, there is no restrictions, no data zapping.

It lasts for 30 days roughly.


You can check your data balance directly via the MTN mobile app or by simply

Interested in more data options? Check other MTN NG data plans this year.

Review on MTN cheapest data plan

I understand subscribing for this amount of money is huge to some personal, especially 2000 naira for an average Nigerian.

If you have read this post, I’m you already know about the Benefits of this MTN cheap data plan. If so so ahead and follow this steps to activate your cheap data plan for a month.

For those with high data usage capabilities, this is an opportunity for the 13GB of data. This MTN Cheap data plan can only last for a month(max. 30days).

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